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  1. ObeyMyFast!

    My less than happy experience with Revo

    MODS: Please delete this thread.
  2. ObeyMyFast!

    Revo stage 1 fuel cut?

    I have revo stage 1 and it feels like it's hitting a fuel cut at wot if I keep it floored for a while. Is my fuel pump going out on me? What's the deal?
  3. ObeyMyFast!

    ebay downpipe

    Long time since i've posted here. Yes I have searched, trust me. I need to find a catless downpipe (preferably the cheapest one out there) for my GTI. It is a 2009 TSI and I live in california, so I think they have different emissions BS to deal with. I plan on going stage 2 soon, like within...
  4. ObeyMyFast!

    So, I got rear ended...

    Howdy y'all. Its been a while since I made a new thread. So today I was headin home from school... minding my own business. I was headed down the road (im the black line), and this guy two cars infront of me decided to take a left hand turn at the intersection, but stops because of oncoming...
  5. ObeyMyFast!

    San Diego "rolling shots" Whos down?
  6. ObeyMyFast!

    No front camber adjustment????

    I just went to get an alignment and they said there is no front camber adjustment... Is this true? How can I fix the camber? Camber plates?
  7. ObeyMyFast!

    Can we do this with MKVs?

    My friend, who has a MK6 had this done via vag com: Panic flashers (when ABS comes on, the hazard lights turn on) Gauge sweep (on startup) Can this be done on a MKV?
  8. ObeyMyFast!

    Trailer hitch

    Yes, I said it. I'm getting into mountain biking again and realized that getting my bike into my car is a PITA! (for those of you who are wondering, its a 2009 Glory 0) Has anybody ever tried this on a MKV? I have no...
  9. ObeyMyFast!

    Bieber with a lambo??? WTF Apparently he was already given a Range Rover... oooooh boy EDIT: It might not be his.... sorry for the freakout.
  10. ObeyMyFast!

    Some bish drove my car without my permission, kinda.

    So as many of you know, I'm in china right now. Before I left, I told my relatives (kinda, stepmom's cousins) that they (they are 20 year old russian twins) could drive my car AROUND THE BLOCK ever other week, to make sure the battery didnt die, etc... Fast foreward to last week (about 2 weeks...
  11. ObeyMyFast!

    APR Trial

    Ok, regardless of opinions of dealers being able to find out if you are reflashed or not... If I got the APR trial, would ANYONE be able to see that my ECU has been tampered with? Im tempted to try it out, but maybe not if they could figure out that my ECU has been tampered with. Sorry if...
  12. ObeyMyFast!

    Veyron sets new record I hope this isnt a repost.
  13. ObeyMyFast!

    So I'm in Beijing...

    So yea, im interning in beijing right now. Anybody else ever been here? Its my 2nd time, my first was when I went to the baseball games with the padres and dodgers (2008). One thing I have to mention is the air quality. I swear to god, the smog here is the worst I have ever seen, and that...
  14. ObeyMyFast!

    Got kicked out before I got to take any good ones... :(

    Yea... I got kicked out of a parking structure after taking four (4) pictures. Thats it... Anyway, I scraped this one together. I know its shit, but come on. By the way, the parking structure is 1/4 mile long. I wasn't at the end. It seems like my car's blackness has camouflaged itself...
  15. ObeyMyFast!

    Scored Rotors!

    today i noticed thgat my brakes are scored. But they dont have continuious grooves... they start and stop. I have stock rotors and pads. Anybody else have this problem??? And would this be a warranty issue? I have 14.4k miles... I will admit that I sometimes brake pretty hard, but nothing...
  16. ObeyMyFast!

    My first post on

    So in my first post, I was helping a really nice guy out with the GTI he just bought for his son. I told him about the cam follower issues, reccomended brands for x, y, z... And I told him he might want to check out, and shoot me a PM once he gets here. Anyway, I ended up getting...
  17. ObeyMyFast!


    I just got CS5!!!!!! Anybody else here have it? :happyanim:
  18. ObeyMyFast!

    Jun B.L. Exhaust

    So I just got done washing my car, and I had my brother take a video of my exhaust. This is the Jun B.L. exhaust for those who are wondering... Neil at Switzer performance was selling them for $100 a while back. Amazing system. And yea, my brother got sprayed by the water, and kind of freaked...
  19. ObeyMyFast!

    San Diego (North County) Weekend Meet Alright, so I know that there are a lot of people out there who can't really make it to the weeknight meets that are so common throughout SD. However, there really isnt a weekend meet for Euros around here, for some odd reason. So, I would...
  20. ObeyMyFast!

    Rear bumper scratch

    Alright, so i have a decently deep scratch on my rear bumper, the painted part. It was caused by a liscense plate, and it goes down to the plastic. Its super rough when I rub my finger over it. I'll try to take pictures soon. Its about 1.5" long Any advice? I was thinking i should try to...