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  1. I Am The Stig

    Great sound for the size!

    I've been wanting to add a little bass for a while now to my GTI. This is probably the first car I've ever had that didn't had a custom box in it the first weekend. But priorities have changed a little, need room for a stroller now. So I went in to a local shop that has done a ton of work for...
  2. I Am The Stig

    Tampa Area....Come Out Tomorrow!

  3. I Am The Stig

    F1 2010

    Anybody playing this? I picked it up the day it was released, and have been addicted ever sinse. If you are an F1 fan, you will appreciate all the little touches they put in the game. All the technical rules are there, engine counts, performance upgrades thru R&D, even the monitor you can...
  4. I Am The Stig

    Ipod Doesn't Work Right Since Upgrading To IOS4

    I have the RNS510 with the Ipod connector for the media in port. I have always had full functionality controlling my ipod thru the head unit, steering wheel controls etc. I recently upgraded my ipod touch to the 4.0 operating system. Today I realised that my touch now isn't working the same...
  5. I Am The Stig

    GTI Excessive: it’s excessive

    VW's experiment for the year....what do you think?
  6. I Am The Stig

    Consumer Reports Top Ten

    GTI named best "sporty" car.
  7. I Am The Stig

    Twitter: Who Do You Follow?

    I'm always looking for funny / interesting people to follow. Here is my list to get you started. My profile is "hescalledstig" Formula 1: USF1GP F1 News USF1 Formula 1 Game Formula 1 News In Formula 1 Follow Formula 1 Formula 1 Updates The Fifth Driver Red Bull F1 Spy Brits On Pole Total...
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    Ideas For England Trip

    I am planning a vacation in April to England. Anyone have any must do's that might not be on the normal list or even better some great locals to stop in for a pint. Hoping to get to Man U vs Chelsea @ Old Trafford the first day we are there...but other than that I need some ideas. We are...