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  1. JerseyDrew77

    Cars with ridiculous wings.

    Found this clown while at my local McDonald's drive through and thought it was pretty funny. If anybody else has some good ones from your area, post them up as we all could probably use a good laugh.
  2. JerseyDrew77

    300+ mph Bugatti Chiron

    A $3,428,000 dollar car going over 300 mph. I have a mp4 file of the developers testing it but it won't let me upload it. Anyways, the Chiron will be replaced by the Divo which will cost a measly $5,400,000.
  3. JerseyDrew77

    New Audi RS6 Avant commercial.

    This commercial is by far the best one I have seen and is now my favorite. Enjoy...
  4. JerseyDrew77

    The FED is back!!!

    Am I the only one that noticed or cares that The FED is alive and back?
  5. JerseyDrew77

    9 second RS3

    Came across this video and found it interesting, pretty nice looking RS3 as well. What kills me is that he downgraded his brakes for weight reduction purposes. :confused: It's a long video, almost 20 minutes, so if you want to just see the 9 second pass it's at the end...
  6. JerseyDrew77

    VW/Audi meet in September!

    Hey guys, I'm over on the MK7 forum but just wanted to post this up for you since it's open to any and all VW's and Audi's. The meet will take place at a brewery in Virginia Beach, VA called New Realm Brewing ( which is big enough to host a lot of people and has a...
  7. JerseyDrew77

    California strikes again.

    This one just blows my mind with how stupid they are out there. Another one of their dumb, idiotic, democratic/liberal bullshit. They are calling the magazine release button a "bullet button" because somebody used a fake bullet to press it...
  8. JerseyDrew77

    Remember the fallen this weekend.

    I myself am a decorated combat veteran and had multiple tours around the world. I have lost some friends that were great soldiers. This weekend is to remember those that have given it all for this beautiful and awesome country that we live in. May God bless those are their families.