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  1. hillstrubl

    3 car seats in the back of a MK7.5 (2018)

    No, I'm not buying a minivan. We're trying to figure out our options for my 3 children in the back of my wife's GTI (7/5/infant). The 7 and 5 year old are now both in boosters, but with the width needed for the baby's larger drop-in seat "cradle" its really hard to actually buckle in the...
  2. hillstrubl

    FS - MKV GTI Cargo Cover - $75

    FS - MKV GTI Cargo Cover - $75 (lowered) For Sale a cargo cover from my (now sold) 2008 GTI. Seems too big to ship, but I'll do it if the buyer pays shipping (and solves the issue of what to ship it in) - Local pickup 19038 (Philly NW 'burbs)
  3. hillstrubl

    FS MKV Rabbit/Golf/GTI/R32 Euro bulb holders - $40 + ship

    For sale is a set of Euro (UK market actually) bulb holders for non-LED MKV tail-lamps. These are used to enable (along with Vag-Com/OBDeleven coding changes) Amber turn signals. I sold the car before I ever got around to installing these. I paid $50 for them, selling for $40 + Ship (or local...
  4. hillstrubl

    OEM VAG 2.0T (TSI) Noise Pipe Delete. MKV GTI GLI, tiguan, A3

    Volkswagen 2.0t (TSI) Noise Pipe Delete. MKV GTI GLI. OEM part, never installed. Condition is New. Part number 1KO145770N A3 / Tiguan boost pipe without noise pipe. This item has been sitting on a shelf since purchase and was never installed. Item location is philly, asking $50 + shipping OBO
  5. hillstrubl

    Euro MKV taillamp bulb holders (pair for both sides) - Amber blinkers - $40 OBO

    For sale is a pair of Euro bulb holders for a project I never got around to. If you want to enable amber blinkers in a North American car, this is the hardware you'd need, then you'd use VAG-com/OBDeleven to enable/code it. Basically its the "back" of the taillamp where the bulbs attach, the...
  6. hillstrubl

    ~Sold~ 2008 4-Door United Grey GTI, Manual - needs cylinder head & Timing chain- $3500 OBO

    ~Sold~ 2008 4-Door United Grey GTI, Manual - needs cylinder head & Timing chain- $3000 OBO I'm the original owner from new. The car is located in NW Philly suburbs. For sale is my 2008 MKV GTI with 100,502 miles on it, manual transmission, cloth/heated plaid seats. The timing chain (+ guides)...
  7. hillstrubl

    16" Winter setup, Audi Alloys + WS70 Blizzaks 205/55R16 - in greater Philadelphia

    16" Winter setup, Audi Alloys + WS70 Blizzaks 205/55R16 - in greater Philadelphia For sale is my winter setup for my MKV, 16" OEM Audi wheels (off of a 2006 A4 I believe) + 4 x WS70 205/55R16 Bridgestone Blizzaks used 1 winter. Yes they are very dirty in these pics, I will clean them up this...
  8. hillstrubl

    Suspension refresh - looking for reccos

    '08 MKV GTI with 90K, the struts are tired. Springs seem fine. This is my wife's DD (no track) but she's a "spirited" driver. I was thinking shocks for the 4 corners and the soft bits (bushings, etc). Not looking to build a racecar or spend a ton, just wake it up a bit...
  9. hillstrubl

    Another reflector vs projector question (h11 vs 9006)

    My wife's 2008 GTI shattered a fog lamp housing lens on the road. I figured I might as well switch over to projectors as the entire housing (+bulb) is now shot anyway. Here's where I'm confused. The existing housings look like the attachment (reflectors), but the bulbs they use (and always have...
  10. hillstrubl

    2 Door latch/actuators out of a 2008 GTI (4-door)

    I bought them, replaced them then realized it was 2 broken wires. So the actuators were actually fine, but the effort to replace is more trouble than what they're worth. Drivers Front - $55 + Ship Passenger Rear - $45 + Ship (Shipping from Philly 'burbs)
  11. hillstrubl

    Central locking woes - why such a disparity in pricing for actuators?

    2008 GTI is having some central locking issues, I suspect its the actuator failing. I'm looking around at the usual suspects for the part and see a wide disparity in prices. VW/Audi genuine can be from $99 (wrong side, but still) to $384, dorman ones usually around $120-160. Any recommendations...
  12. hillstrubl

    WTB MKV Euro outer tails (Amber blink)

    I already have a rear fog, euro switch, etc I just want the outer sections to allow for amber blinkers (I'm aware I'll need vag-com to enable this). Located in Philly.
  13. hillstrubl

    Cannot loosen dogbone mount bolt

    Honestly this doesn't seem hard, but this bolt will NOT move, regardless of how much penetrating oil, leverage or heat (not necessarily in that order). Related note, if I can't get it off without breaking something (which includes myself) I'll have an ECS dogbone mount for sale soon...
  14. hillstrubl

    swap radios, 2008 GTI <--> 2013 Passat

    Any idea what I'll need from the other car (codes, etc?). Its coming from a friend so I'll have full access to the VIN, etc I assume the connections are plug and play
  15. hillstrubl

    Issues with primary key fob

    The key we usually use was acting weird (only locking sometimes, etc) so we starting using the other thinking it was just a low/dying battery. Key fob #2 has no issues. I replaced the battery in Key fob #1 and its actually seems worse, doesn't seem to respond but will start/run the car. Is it...
  16. hillstrubl

    Bulb or Ballast? (also headlamp housing damage)

    I'm thinking ballast, especially since every now and then the lamp kicks on. The problem is I popped the hood and saw that the headlamp housing itself is loose, there's a mounting clip that somehow broke and the whole assembly can wobble a good amount... Its likely the ballast, but now I need...
  17. hillstrubl

    2006 A4 2.0T 6-speed AWD possible clutch/trans issue

    Posting for my cousin who has a 2006 A4 Quattro 6-MT (B7). While driving the pedal suddenly became very light and now doesn't disengage the clutch at all, really the only resistance to pushing it is the spring itself. I'm thinking hydraulic leak but there isn't a puddle anywhere. He had it towed...
  18. hillstrubl

    WTB 4 x Lagunas 17" or 18"

    Preferably in/around SE PA (Philly). What's out there? No rush to buy, just wanted to put a feeler out there.
  19. hillstrubl

    My side project - iOS game - Logo Battle

    Hey Everybody, I wanted to post about my side project with a friend of mine. We created a logo matching app for shits and giggles and wanted to see if we could get use users/downloads/traction on the app store. As of today we released our next major version which fixes some bugs and adds some...
  20. hillstrubl

    Possible blown head gasket... '08 TSI GTI

    For 2 years or so we've had a sporatic "check coolant" message, 1-2 oz of pink/water topping it off would "fix" it until the next cold spell. I've had a local VW shop do a pressure test and check the water pump, couldn't find anything. Today Wifey is driving the car home from work (25 degrees...