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  1. Elliott

    OG's thread, show us what you're in now.

    this thread of for all the og's(you know who you are) Not sure if this will take off but would love to see what those that I'm not still in touch with(and those that I am) are driving all these years later. It's thanks to you guys I got my car to where it is now. Made some good interweb friends...
  2. Elliott

    Golf mkv google earth.

    Anyone else found their car on google earth. Post a pic This is just 50m down the road from my garage parked outside the Chinese supermarket.
  3. Elliott

    Elliott's "meh" build thread

    So I have been on this forum 8 years and never thought there was much point on myself making a thread for my car seeing I had only ever done what every other mkv has. Seen it all before in my eyes so why clutter up the forum with many threads the same. However after purchasing the car new...
  4. Elliott

    Rcd510 iPod interference

    Posted this in an old thread to no avail but maybe someone one will look here. I think it is due to the pins needing re-located but would like some advice before ripping it back out again. You can hear the noise I am getting here...
  5. Elliott

    Vw faced alloy

    Any one got the part number of these wheels. It's not for me but a client is asking. I've seen threads on them before but don't what they are called. Thanks in advance.
  6. Elliott

    Wheel Adapters

    So we all know wheel adapters but what are people's opinions on getting some made up for my Ford Transit van from 5x 160 down to 5x 114 or maybe 112. My worry is its a big jump and also all the weight I carry in the van. I know I wouldn't recomend it to a customer but as its my van I'm thinking...
  7. Elliott

    bengee´s mkv

    we all know the famous bengee´s wide body mkv but can any one tell me what rear bumper this is? cant tell if its oem and modified (apart from the obviously wide arches and quarter panels)or what. any info would be nice. thanks all. sorry for a half pointless thread but looking for a quick answer.
  8. Elliott

    Eurosports rabbit was stolen last night on SoCal.

    spreading the word. Sad
  9. Elliott

    Shaved door handle pics please

    So my car is going in for a full shave in the next short while and have been thinking about also doing something with the handles. We all know the ug mkv on pink rs's. Who's got good pics of it?. When I search google pics there are some but all the links are broken. I also remember years ago a...
  10. Elliott

    Help me grow my work page please.

    Hey guys. As many of you know , for 6 years now I have been running a mobile alloy wheel repair company here in the south coast of Spain. Due to endless amounts of work and wheels that are not due for a "quick repair" I am now expanding into a garage to offer a powder coating service as well as...
  11. Elliott

    Failed roof lining? Lets see your fix.

    So today the dreaded roof lining failed on my 07 GTI. Same as many others I have seen , it started from the sun glasses holder. Thought it looked a tad saggy and stupidly prodded it. Well now It's loose. Ill upload pic later but looking for ideas. Going shop Monday to talk and booked in for...
  12. Elliott

    Too many bots!

    So many bot post lately, in so many threads!. Mods please delete them all when you do actually look through the threads. They are appearing in people's build threads, slammed threads and other peoples fs threads. I've never seen it as bad as this. :mad0259...
  13. Elliott

    Golf mk6 3.6 bi turbo in Germany

    Golf mk6 3.6 bi turbo in Germany with 700ps Who can translate? This looks interesting.:biggrin:wait till you all see how the speedometer jumps. 06mzea2cP5Q
  14. Elliott

    Tree_hugger..Account and threads been deleted?

    Randomly I have noticed we don't have our normal golf mkv door man named tree_hugger any more.. When I search I can't find any of his post nor threads, just quotes of his post in threads but then when you read back it seems they have all been deleted. It seems many people are getting banned but...
  15. Elliott

    golf mkv is being taken over by bunnys?

    the take over has began..:iono:
  16. Elliott

    Sore arse

  17. Elliott

    WTB shortened end links.

    WTB shortened end links due to the shop installing my fk's last week has managed to screw both the top screw threads. Why not to use a an air gun. I wasn't best pleased to say the least. I had to re thread Wgat I could. Probably 1/3 of the the top bolt, stick four washers on before the nut so...
  18. Elliott

    Fk silverline thread hight on alphards

    So I have searched and search but can't find a definitive answer. Tomorrow I am installing my fk's but looking for a heads up on how I should set them up. Ie: what ftg will I be sitting at if I went zero threads all round. I don't want to modify anything ie remove helpers nor locking collars. I...
  19. Elliott

    looking for a link to this air build.

    a friend posted this pic on my facebook and i haven't seen it before.. anyone know of his/this build? i believe it might be on tex? links would be nice.:thumbsup:
  20. Elliott

    Failed my emissions test today

    so as the tittle says i went for my ITV test today and failed on 3 accounts. 1.small number plate..easy fix 2.yellow ftp bulbs..easy fix and finally the third was my emissions...the guy thought i had no cat even though my stock dp was in place. now for months i have had my cell light on due to...