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    HowTo: window net install on GTI

    I decided to try out wheel-to-wheel racing in my 08 Golf GTI MkV, and one of the requirements for W2W racing with Midwest Council of Sports Car Clubs, or MCSCC, is a window net. I really struggled with how to install a window net per the rules – I don’t have a rollcage, only a rollbar – because...
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    how to replace original intercooler (DIY?)

    so i am about to replace the stock intercooler w/APR... am going through the bentley manual, i have the front bumper off... but am not seeing how to get to the "inside" to disassemble the triple-stack condensor/intercooler/radiator. i can see the screws and all, but missing how to get to it...
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    FS: 2008 MkV GTI Seats (front and back)

    FS: 2008 MKV GTI front driver, front passenger, rear bench and back. great condition, only has 12K miles on it. Theres a little scratch on one of the front seats, but not like a big hole or anything. Gutted the interior to turn into track car. not sure what its worth, make me offer...
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    gonna join SCCA, anyone wanna "refer" me?

    if you are SCCA member already, and "refer" me: - i get a $15 discount - you get a discount on your renewal PM me with your first name, last name, and SCCA number and i'll apply... thx!