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    anyone scrap their stock exhaust system b4??

    Hey guys, has anyone ever tried to or have taken their stock tbe system to a scrap metel yard before? Was wondering how much did you or they get for the metal, ive tried to sell it a few times with no luck, so i figured i would scrap it for $$.. any ideas?? any precious metals in the cat i...
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    VAG-COM near Houston??

    Looking for anyone with a Vag-Com near Houston to help with clearing a CEL...if anyone has one please let me know, thank you
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    O2 Spacer Help/Advice please...

    hey guys, any advice would really help at this point..bought a 42 dd o2 spacer for my 09 tsi gti....does the direction in which you place the angle matter?? i installed my 42 dd spacer and the angle is in the same direction as the flow of in the 90 degree angle is pointing to the end...
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    WTB: 42 DD O2 Sensor spacer

    I am in the market for a O2 sensor spacer, need to clear my CEL so i can get an inspection, i saw a few online for about $30-35+ shipping, just wanted to see if anyone had one that i could pick up asap and save some money in the process. Thanks
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    Votex OEM ground effects kit??

    Anyone know where the best price for a kit? prefer that it comes painted. Does the dealer give a good price if anyone knows? i heard that bud@checkeredflagvw gives good products/prices, anyone have an input on that? thnks in advance for the advice :w00t:
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    BSH true seal intake or APR carbiono intake??

    any advise on which one performs and sounds the best????
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    TBE...Eurojet or APR?????

    any suggetions?? will be upgrading the stock exhaust sometime in the near future, was just looking for some input on what other ppl think would be a better TBE setup...want a nice throaty sound, nothing too loud or annoying...any suggestions???? thnks
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    DV or BOV?????

    hey guys, have a ??, whats the difference between a DV and a BOV? i have read info on both oif them and it seems like they do the same thing, im not very auto savy so i guess im not seeing the big picture. i have an 09 gti, tsi engine, 6sp, and was seeing what is the best way to go...i do want...
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    Where to go for work in the Houston area???

    I have heard of some shops in the houston area, just wanted to see if anyone out there has used them or know good/bad about them....have 3 of them....anyone have an opinion for me??? European Legacy Motors, 1180-B Blalock Houston, TX 77055 BAR Tuning, 6615 Dixie Drive Houston, TX 77087...