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  1. VDubVirus

    WaterWerks on the Bay 2012 - San Francisco, CA

    Kind of late notice, but thought you guys down in San Francisco might want to stop by.
  2. VDubVirus

    FS: MkV Thunder Bunny Side Skirts BNIB

    I have a brand new in box set of Thunder Bunny side skirts. These are prime red and ready to paint, and include all paperwork and hardware, as well as the box from ECS that they came in. These go for $193.05 + shipping on ECS. I will sell these for $120 + shipping & paypal fees, OBO. Head...
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    FS: MkV Rabbit front lip (primer)

    FS: 1 brand new in box MkV Rabbit front valence/spoiler (lip) This lip is still in the box from ECS, and includes all hardware and papers. It is already primer grey, and ready to paint as is. The box has only been opened to ensure the parts are there. On ECS, these go for $337.02 before...
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    The James Foster Foundation Charity Cruise and GTG l May 27, 2012 l (Copied from the Facebook page)
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    I can't believe this hasn't gone viral yet...

    seriously There's so much more here: <~~Clicky! why does this dude have so many unread text messages? kinda curious.
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    FS: H&R Super Sport Springs

    As the title says, I've got a set of H&R Super Sport springs for sale. Less than 10k miles on the springs. Reason for selling is I've gone back to H&R Ultra Low coil overs. Price: $150 obo + buyer pays shipping --> send me a zip and I can give you a shipping quote. Paypal or cashier check. If...
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    Recent Purchases Thread v2.0

    the last thread was too long for most to load correctly. This happens from time to time on this forum. The original thread <~~~ Clicky So let's kick off a new one. Picked this up recently: it was delicious. Drank it while I was brewing a Chocolate Milk Stout.
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    Project: Keezer

    Below is a little project I have been working on the past month or so. I began homebrewing beer in December, and almost immediately decided I wanted to keg my beer, rather than bottle. The pros to kegging are less cleaning and sanitizing involved, and more consistency/control over taste and...
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    Homebrew Thread

    Let's discuss :cool: Recipes, questions, methodology, equipment, pictures, and most importantly, drinking homebrew :drinking: Currently, I am waiting on a Vienna Lager "El Grande" and an Irish Red "Ginger Ale" to finish fermenting. Next up is a Honey Weizen and hopefully another batch of...
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    Happy 235th Birthday, Marines!

    Happy Birthday to all my fellow Marines out there. A Message from the Commandant:
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    Post up your tool!......(s)

    Post up your tool boxes/chests! I've got a fairly small box at the moment, 4 drawer craftsman, but with my birthday/xmas coming up and buying a house, I should have a new rolling chest soon. I like to throw all my "excess" stickers on my tool box so they don't end up lost/broken/on my walls...
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    DC area members....

    anybody on here have a mom named Leslie that works at the Mini-Skool in Lacey/Olympia, WA? She said her son has a car like mine and he dumps all his extra cash into it. haha.... we had a short convo about why we do that kinda stuff in this community.
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    Cruise for the Cure Thread - May 2, 2010

    from the 'tex one of my favorite cruises.
  14. VDubVirus

    3rd Annual Mount Baker Spring Cruise - Sunday May, 16th, 2010

    from teh tex'
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    3rd Annual WaterWerks German Auto Show - July 17th/18th, 2010

    WaterWerks 2010 July 17th & 18th Cheney Stadium 2502 S Tyler St Tacoma, WA 98405 Saturday July 17th Auto-X: 9am - 3pm Setup time: 4pm - 7pm Sunday July 18th Show Times: 11am - 5pm Roll in: 7am Event Information: Registration: Cutoff date for preregistration is June 31st. When preregistering...
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    6th Annual Port Townsend Cruise - Sunday, March 7th, 2010

    from the 'tex
  17. VDubVirus

    10th Annual Leavenworth Drive - June 19th, 2010

    From the 'tex
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    Googles current homepage 1/6/09

    some of you may have seen the link on that takes you to a demo of their new nexus phone. Well, I tried to check out the demo and it wouldn't work at first so I closed the page. A minute or two later some odd elctronic/rock music started playing on my computer and then stopped after...
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    I'll show you TOUGH!

  20. VDubVirus

    *Favorite VW/Audi/Euro apparel sites*

    Post up your favorites! a couple off the top of my head that I've used in the past: dubkorps <~~ Clicky Din Euro <~~ Clicky 8330 Labs <~~ Clicky Enthusiast Apparel <~~ Clicky LiquadCrack <~~ Clicky VolksClothing <~~ Clicky dublyfe <~~ Clicky BlackForestIndustries <~~ you get the point...