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  1. GIACUser

    My second build on my 08 GTI

    I would agree, I was very happy with my K04 setup and MFac LSD. With racing slicks it made for a lot of fun on the track. It is a great setup for the chassis. Given all the difficulties I have had I wish I would have just stayed with that setup
  2. GIACUser

    My second build on my 08 GTI

    So the first 46K mi GTI sold 2nd GTI still there Golf R has 43K miles not 93K miles I want the Golf R if it can get smogged.
  3. GIACUser

    My second build on my 08 GTI

    So as I procrastinate, the situation just keeps degenerating. It is unreal. So I built this to be a track car blah blah and I purchased a truck to tow it to the track. Found a 2009 Ford F150 with a brand new motor, brakes and suspension with a tow package and the larger 5.4 V-8, worked perfectly...
  4. GIACUser

    My second build on my 08 GTI

    I have been procrastinating. Reality of my situation is that I want to throw in the towel but I can't really part the car out fully without a host of stock parts to replace parts to keep car ready for tow away when done. Basically have a pile of unusable and unsellable parts right now. I may be...
  5. GIACUser

    Mk5 with blown engine-what to do?

    As you already know, a fairly stock MKV DSG, even running well, isn't worth much. Now you have one with a blown motor. More of a personal decision as to what to do. If you have a place where you could dismantle it and room to store parts you could part it out but that is a slow and cumbersome...
  6. GIACUser

    MKV GTI KO4 - Fuel Pressure Question

    You may have tried this but I would do a throttle body alignment (TBA), might not have been done when your motor was rebuilt. (throttle position)
  7. GIACUser

    My second build on my 08 GTI

    So new information on what may have happened to my car. I am referring to my first track outing in which the spark plug electrodes melted off in 2 cylinders. I just assumed it was detonation, plugs not cold enough for my all out tune. The tuner created a 380+ whp tune for which I had the PF7RB...
  8. GIACUser

    Mk5 Jetta GLI BWA big turbo project

    Forum member Mostic, is in Egypt and has done a couple big turbo projects. Hopefully he is in your general area, he has quite a bit of experience and a lot of contacts.
  9. GIACUser

    How-to Porsche Cayenne / VW Toureg / Audi Q7 Brembo brakes.

    Yes, they bolt right up. I ran them for a long while on my mkv gti. Combined with proper pads for the occasion they were a nice upgrade from stock.
  10. GIACUser

    Should I buy an R32?

    S2000 is ok if you are 6ft or less. I am 6'3" 230 and it was just too cramped to enjoy but they are otherwise a fun car.
  11. GIACUser

    Should I buy an R32?

    That response is pretty much what I have read / heard over time about the MKV R32. However, put a supercharger kit on it and it’s a whole new ballgame. I got to drive one and it was impressive. Of course with this motor ending use in R cars 12 years ago combined with limited production it will...
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    Auggie - Jack Russell Terrorist 10 mo old now
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    Best Chicken Sandwich?

    One of my favorites
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    Should I buy an R32?

    This is one of those personal types of purchases made because you have a special affinity for the model/year. Is it a worthwhile purchase to buy a car that is priced at over twice market value? From a business perspective probably not. From a personal perspective, if it is a car that is special...
  15. GIACUser

    Suspension upgrade

    I would also replace the rear mounts as well as what has been recommended for the front. They should be replaced when you replace rear shocks.
  16. GIACUser

    FS: GIACuser selling his "roller" big turbo build

    Thanks, I doubt anyone will buy it whole, so I expect to be taking it all apart. Probably will take motor and trans out to repair before sale. Hoping to find a new trans case for not too much and will take motor down to check block and replace the pistons (2) that got the spark plug bits welded...
  17. GIACUser

    My second build on my 08 GTI

    I will be fine. I hope. Should I be worried (separation anxiety) .... Ha No its just a car. Like I said, I don't generally believe in "signs" but damn this project has been beating me over the head saying let go, for a long time. Time to let it go. Really hoping someone would buy it as is and...
  18. GIACUser

    Anyone Use the Signal App?

    I don't have a need for nor do I use encrypted communications apps but Signal app seems like a good choice for an average user. There are always trade-offs in implementation and Signal does provide their services centrally which creates an ability for them to respond to legal requests and...