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    MAF reading

    Thanks for the reply. Thanks for the equation on how to figure out how to compare the hp readings I’d never heard of it before.I’m going to dyno the car in 2 weeks and see exactly what’s going on with the car. I have logged quite a few runs this weekend and monitoring what the readings are at...
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    MAF reading

    08 GTI FSI DSG transmission cruising around and can’t tell if the MAF is correct. Translate lbs/min to g/s and 6th gear at 3000 rpm it’s at 3lb/min= 22.67 g/s. The car runs fine but keeps throwing P0238 code. New MAP sensor fixed the car going to limp mode and again it drives fine now except the...
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    new to vw, need a mechanic in knoxville tn

    I’m located right outside Knoxville in Loudon, Tennessee and the main place I’ve heard about for VW work is MF Auto locates in Knoxville. I’ve never dealt with them but I just bought a 08 GTI that needs some TLC and will be contacting them to see how much their hourly rate is.