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  1. g60_corrado_91

    My "House" Build

    Last year around this time, I started looking at small houses and townhouses/condos. I was paying $1000 a month for a one bedroom apartment and an external 'shared' garage. While the amenities were nice (an outdoor and indoor pool, pool tables, a full work out facility, and tennis courts) and...
  2. g60_corrado_91

    Pictures from Chicago

    It's been awhile since I created a new thread with pictures. On Saturday, we met up at a car meet for awhile, then headed to Chicago. We managed to find a location I've never been to. Enjoy! IMG_5672-edited by g60_corrado_91, on Flickr IMG_5674-edited by g60_corrado_91, on Flickr...
  3. g60_corrado_91

    Not really an update...

    Nothing really new besides the turbo back in July, but I haven't been here as much, so I thought I'd post a few newer pictures. One from September. IMG_5295-edited by g60_corrado_91, on Flickr And a few from last night. And no, I did not repaint my steelies for this winter like I have for...
  4. g60_corrado_91

    Eurohangar Photo Thread

    I haven't seen any threads on this forum about Eurohangar, and I know there were a bunch of MkV's there. Here are the pictures I have edited so far, but just of my buddies cars. Post up what you guys have. Rolling Caddy 3 by g60_corrado_91, on Flickr Rolling M3 2 by g60_corrado_91, on...
  5. g60_corrado_91

    Mini-Shoot at SoWo

    I'm late to this, but I finally had the chance to upload all of my pictures from SoWo. Max's GTI 1 by g60_corrado_91, on Flickr Benny's GTI by g60_corrado_91, on Flickr Max's GTI 2 by g60_corrado_91, on Flickr New Fenders! by g60_corrado_91, on Flickr IMG_4450-edited by g60_corrado_91...
  6. g60_corrado_91

    Rolling Shots

    Went out Thursday evening to take some rolling shots with my buddies. Their cars can be seen here. MkV GTI Roller 1 by g60_corrado_91, on Flickr MkV GTI Roller 2 by g60_corrado_91, on Flickr MkV GTI Roller 3 by g60_corrado_91, on Flickr...
  7. g60_corrado_91


    I went out this past Thursday with my buddies to take some low speed rolling shots. This was pretty much my first proper rolling shot photoshoot. Talon TSI 1 by g60_corrado_91, on Flickr Talon TSI 2 by g60_corrado_91, on Flickr Talon TSI 3 by g60_corrado_91, on Flickr Static Golf by...
  8. g60_corrado_91

    My Dad's SLC

    My dad just picked up a one owner 1993 Corrado with 28k on it. Bone stock down to the original tires. It needs a good detail, but it's almost immaculate otherwise. Some rolling shots I took on the way back from picking it up tonight. Rolling Shot by g60_corrado_91, on Flickr Speedlines...
  9. g60_corrado_91

    So Gyro

    Went out to my buddies shop, had a BBQ, and went to shoot their cars. Shaved by g60_corrado_91, on Flickr So Gyro by g60_corrado_91, on Flickr Clean by g60_corrado_91, on Flickr Jetta Front by g60_corrado_91, on Flickr Jetta Front on a Golf by g60_corrado_91, on Flickr The rest of...
  10. g60_corrado_91

    Just One

    Bizarre Weather by g60_corrado_91, on Flickr
  11. g60_corrado_91

    My Buddies 2005 SRT-4 ACR

    I know Mark through autox. I didn't realize I was 15 minutes away from him while in training this week, but when I found out, I thought it'd be cool to get some shots of his car. Unfortunately, I have my company car with me, so no shots of my car, but no big deal. It's on 17x8 ET35 RPF1's...
  12. g60_corrado_91

    FS Newsouth 25psi Boost gauge, CC clear turnsignals

    I have a New South boost gauge and a pair of first gen CC clear turn signals for sale. The boost gauge needle sits a little below one, but works fine. I believe it has a color matched LED. The clear turn signals were on my dad's 2009 CC for 5,000 miles max. I'm asking $20 for the boost...
  13. g60_corrado_91

    A Few Pictures

    Went out this past week and took a couple of pictures of my car and my buddies stock EVO. I really need more practice with my 50mm lens as you'll notice. Such a tiny depth of field! MkV by g60_corrado_91, on Flickr An Odd Connection by g60_corrado_91, on Flickr EVO X by g60_corrado_91...
  14. g60_corrado_91

    "Just" a 911 GT3 RS

    I went to buy some racing shoes with a gift certificate my parents got me for my birthday and decided to snap some pictures of the owners car. Supposedly there are only 4 GT3 RS's in this color combination. Truly a stunning car.:wub...
  15. g60_corrado_91

    Unitronic Stg 2 vs. APR Stg 2 (FSI Content) Logs, dyno graphs, and my thoughts

    This isn't going to be a short review. Back in late 2007, I had my car flashed to APR Stg 2. I believe it was the revision 3 file, which is what it still is to date for the FSI. My car is almost completely full bolt-on, minus a HPFP, catch can, W/M, and single mass flywheel and performance...
  16. g60_corrado_91

    S4 Shoot

    I have some pictures from a shoot back in January that I never got loaded up. There are still a ton of pictures I need to go through, but I know my friends have been waiting for these for over 3 months now, so I thought I'd put up a few. Front view by g60_corrado_91, on Flickr Clean by...
  17. g60_corrado_91

    My Dad's Touareg V8

    I went out and washed the Touareg a couple weeks ago and snapped some quick pictures while it was clean. I wish they were a little better, but the mosquitoes were literally swarming everywhere because it's been raining a lot. It is Vag Com lowered about .75" and has a badgeless grill...
  18. g60_corrado_91

    Fog in Chicago

    I've been slacking on posting pictures. Here are just two from a month ago. I know, the blue isn't for everyone. It'll probably be more subtle next winter.:thumbsup: Fog in Chicago 1 by g60_corrado_91, on Flickr Fog in Chicago 2 by g60_corrado_91, on Flickr
  19. g60_corrado_91

    No Satellite Radio Signal

    Maybe I'm jumping the gun, but I just got a thing in the mail from XM saying they'd be giving me two weeks free of XM radio starting February 1st. I've had XM in the past and cancelled it about a year ago. When I scan my car with my Vag Com, I get the warning that says my tuner is not...
  20. g60_corrado_91

    Dyno Comparisons from last year and this year

    I had my car dyno'd last year and again this year on the same Mustang dyno. The only changes from last year are a BSH throttle body pipe, S3 I/C, and 225/45/17 tires which are slightly taller than the 235/40/17's I had last year. I think that explains the rpm differences in peak power and...