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    Gallardo & Viper!

    Saw these 2 driving on the way to school, decided to follow lol Gallardo driver was cool, viper was 'stuck up'. They had both rented the car's from an exotic car shop in the area. GtueNNq9gKE
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    Golden Bay

    Sexy interior
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    What car is this?

    Saw this car this evening while on vacation in St Petersburg, FL Any idea what this car is? (sick plate btw) Also saw this lamborghini superleggera (not a fan of the wheels) but had the loudest exhaust iv heard, straight piped for sure!
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    Rabbit and Golf R

    My buddy just picked up his Golf R (APR stage 1 already) n we decided to snap a pic!
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    Squeking rear end

    The rear end of my car is squeeking. If im in drivers seat and i put weight in/out it squekings (any weight in rear). I have KW V2 coils. Any ideas? Im guessing the spring isn't seated properly or the RSB is loose, since its both rear left and right.
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    Rabbit build

    So i got her in June 2008, cold weather package, upgraded stereo and sunroof First thing i did was tint my windows Then i painted my break calipers red Next i got my wheels (wheels before drop, bad choice) Next i got projector foglights, GTI skirts and rear bumper, OEM Votex lip...
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    New look

    C&C welcome!
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    Rabbit vs 530i

    went from a roll 3 times yesterday against my buddies e60 530i, its bone stock except for sport package (no perf stuff) i have intake, full exhaust no cat went from 20 roll to 130 ish (KMH) we were even until i hit third, then he SLOWLY starts creeping (im sure at higher speeds he will walk)...
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    FS: JBL GTO1204BP

    Had this for around 1~ year or so. Awesome sub, hits hard, no complaitns, except it takes up alot of my trunk and with snowboard season here, i need my trunk room back that is what it looks like, will get pictures of the actual unit soon General Product Type Car subwoofer Width 20.5 in Depth...
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    Bugatti Veyron Documentary

    Just found this on youtube, 720P quality, 4 part on national geographic Very detailed look at the Veyron!
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    WTB: Fog lights

    Looking for GTI/Jetta fog lights projector or reflector
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    Can someone HDR this pic for me?

    i tried but failed misearbly, looks pretty brutal lol i got the 3 pics, hopefully they are good enough.. ty!
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    Going to Glendale/LA

    Hey guys, im coming from toronto/mississauga and going to be in LA/Glendale for a wedding, gonna be there for 13 days, wondering what is there to do? GOnna be staying at family houses, any good attractions n stuff? Ty!:thumbup:
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    FS: Neuspeed Race Springs

    drop 1.8" been used for 5000km, wasn't low enough $230 CAD
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    FS: GTI Projector Fogs

    selling gti projector fogs $130
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    Scirocco to Canada!

    Well, if you have the money of course..
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    FS: Neuspeed Race Springs

    Bought these from another member to put on my car, he sold them because he was going to coilovers, i was gonna to springs first but decided to wait and go straight to coils he rode them for 5000KM~ They drop 1.8~ front/rear Looking to get $230CDN Locall preferred since big box, but will do...
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    WTB: Euro switch w/ coming home

    Just like the title says!
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    WTB: Rabbit fog grille

    Looking for a rabbit fog grille, please LMK
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    Rabbit vs. B7 A4

    Raced my friends B7 A4 2.0T CVT transmission went from 20kmh - 160kmh we did the race multiple times, up to 50kmh he was .5 car, then just kept pulling like a train, had about 3 cars on me by 160 CVT transmission was very wierd though, revs stayed constantly at 6k rpm, seems good cuz its...