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    After 8 years my GTI is gone

    So the day finally happened last Tuesday. I officially took my last drive in my 2007 GTI. Its been such a blast owning this car and it really was hard to let it go after 8 years of mods, meets/events, and pure fun. The GOLFMKV forum has been my lifeline forever and I have met some great friends...
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    Should i start a new career

    This past Monday my job decided it was time to part ways. I worked there for 4 years as an export classification specialist. I was very well paid, the top producer, and was able to really get my life on track financially and personally. I do not have a college education and am well aware I will...
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    Fixxfest 2014

    Fixxfest coming up this Saturday. Whose going?
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    random power loss most of the time

    Ok so my gti is getting up there in age, 149,xxx miles. And im having a weird power issue. I cleaned out my intake valves back in march and picked up an upgraded HPFP and RS4 injectors while I was at it. Got reflashed to stage 2 revo and felt so fun for about a month. Then I started having power...
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    Doing my brakes this weekend, some questions

    wow haven't been on here in ages. life happened but my gti is still kicking strong (with a slight boost issue) at 149xxx miles. So my brake kit (new rotors pads and hardware) arrived today and I have plans to get into this Saturday. I did not realize I needed certain special tools mainly the M14...
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    Help. new sound with video

    please help identify this. Was driving home and thought i heard a squeeling sound. it only does it in low revs and during start up and shut down, there is also a rush of air sound on the top of my motor after shut down, I am hoping its not my turbo as the car has 115k on the clock. I am thinking...
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    Anyone have Fuel Filter DIY?

    Just picked up new fuel filter today. never done one so before I thought id see if anyone had a DIY or at least some basic directions. Thanks.
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    Driver door NO POWER

    So this morning I went into the dealer (Suncoast VW Audi Porsche) to have my coil recall done and airbag recall.. I went in with my windows down and dropped it off. pick it up 2 hours later. They werent able to fix the airbag light and also...... my "windows wont go up" so i get in my car and...
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    Help. Experiencing power loss under load

    Recently I have been experiencing a sudden power loss intermitently at around 1700-2300rpms under light acceleration. I lose all power for a split second and then its back to normal. I currently have 103k miles. neuspeed pflow intake. cat back exhaust, vf motor mounts, revo stage 1. I am also...
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    Diverter Valve Gen D Install Problems.. please help

    Cars up in the air right now. picked up a new DV as mine finally went out after 102,000 miles. got the newer revision D. anyway i have the forge spacer installed and im an having trouble installing the new DV. it doesnt seam to fit. i had the Gen C originally. I do not have the original shorter...
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    Some M3 and GTI content Enjoy!

    Had a few beers with my girls bro and took a few photos of the whips. my 07 GTI and his 04 M3. enjoy
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    Backed into someone.. need part

    Ok. So on my own carlessness i backed into my friends car the other day and am not going through insurance. I already had their car fixed but when i got in my car which only showed some body dents on the rear right wheelwell i noticed the tire was pushed foward. so i got home and took it all...
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    Epic Music!!
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    Funny Guy on Youtube

    hey guys. stumbled across this guys videos one day on the tube. check it out for some laughs. :thumbup:
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    Anyone got a DIY for AC Compressor replacement

    I recently purchased a used AC compressor from pitbull592 on here. I have received it and am ready to install. I need a DIY for replacement if anyone has one. preferably with pics. also if anyone knows the cost of a full recharge for the refrigerant. And one more request. How much oil and what...
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    Where to go next after coilovers

    Ok so 2 weeks ago i finally got around to getting some coilovers lol. Got a set of KW variant 3s on recomendation from my buddy who has them on his M3. WOW amazing handling after spending about a week an a half changing little things trying to find perfect settings. So im wondering where i...
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    My Blown Trans

    Sorry I disapeared for the last month. Been waiting on finally fixing my car and havent really felt like checking on the forums. Needless to say $6200 later my car is back. Evidentally a spider gear blew in my diff causing a giant hole to blow out in my bell housing. Here are some pictures of my...
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    so my trans dumped fluid everywhere HELP

    alight so i was driving in a 50mph going 50. i am not sure if i hit something but all of a sudden my car made a BANG sound and i immediatly came to a stop. i hopped out and find fluid dumping under my car. it smelled like diff fluid. anyway i limped the car to a parking lot. no bad noises. got...
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    Cocaine Tea and Military opinions anyone. I believe the man is innocent. A soldier must wear a badge of discrace because he ingested what i am presuming is a legal product. The course of action before the verdict should have been to create a base test to find if the tea...
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    Sue Happy Mother (retarded thread) Ok so this is local news for me. Anyway what is everyones opinions. Personally I believe that this is the kids fault. He was 19 at the time. A legal adult fully capable of making...