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  1. HiveMind

    About to order an exhaust

    I am about to order a Techtonics turbo back exhaust. My only stupid question (i tried searching) is: will it fit on both a stock rear bumper and on one with a votex body kit? currently I'm running stock, but I would like to get a votex in the future, and I don't wanna spend a thousand bucks to...
  2. HiveMind

    Thoughts on Eclipse vs Pioneer

    At work I get dealer accommodations on both Pioneer and Eclipse in-dash units. I have really wanted one for a long time and I have narrowed it down to the following two: Pioneer AVIC-Z2 Eclipse AVN6610BT Now, they both have bluetooth (a must for me), both have GPS, both look awesome, and work...
  3. HiveMind

    Think I can get this warrantied?

    So when I bought my car this last Christmas it was on the show floor, and it had a big red ribbon on the hood. After purchasing the vehicle and them taking the ribbon I realized that there was a scratch on the hood where the ribbon used to be. I notified the dealership and they repainted that...
  4. HiveMind

    Help me reach my goal

    Yes, yes I searched and came up with some answers but first let me tell you what my goal is. I want my car to sit right around 270hp. Obviously, not 270whp because that would be insane and mostly unatainable. Regardless, what I have found so far is that I will need: -Stage 2 chip (not sure...
  5. HiveMind

    Pics of your Old Rides

    Currently I drive my GTI, but I also have a truck that I drive sometimes during the winter: Before the truck I drove this car around. I know there is a lot of hate for hondas and the like around here, but it was a freaking great car. I only sold it because it became totally impractical for me...
  6. HiveMind

    Someone Get Me Outta Here!!!!

    Does anyone else have to deal with this absolutely ridiculous weather? It was -33 with wind chill yesterday. And last night the ambient temperature was -17. Does anyone have it worse? because if you do I pity you :eyebulge:
  7. HiveMind

    Could someone do me a favor?

    Yes yes, I did a search first but didn't quite find what I was looking for. As I mentioned in another thread I have a lot of plans for this vehicle, and as I am just starting I need to do research before jumping into anything. I am going to get a body kit, whether I get the VW one or another...
  8. HiveMind

    Yet another new member

    Hey guys, I have been frequenting the forum for about a week now and so far it seems incredibly informative. My background: I have been into cars most of my life, but I was able to purchase my first one in 2003. I purchased a 2003.5 Mazdaspeed Protege. It was my first turbo car and I can...