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    So I built a seperate DSG coolant system which runs a VR6 aux water pump, to a front mounted heat exchanger, and back to the oil/coolant exchange on top of the tranny. I one small thing that bugs me; I have no easy way to know if the water is flowing. I put a section of clear hose but you cant...
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    FS: 500whp GTI...
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    Coolant flow for DSG

    Can anyone confirm which way the coolant flows through the DSG oil cooler? I've looked the flow diagrams but they seem different than what I see. Here is a pic that shows the same lines as mine: Thanks,
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    FS: 340 aeromotive pump in pag parts surge tank

    I've had to change my fuel system as I'm shooting for some bigger numbers so I'm selling this setup. The surge tank was only in the car for 2 weeks, the pump is a year old. I'm bummed to sell it so soon, will support 400whp, and 500 with an upgraded pwm like the rs4 or boost manager plus...
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    Pressure Control valve - DSG

    My DSG is doing wonky things like hard down shift, jerky take offs the usual, and as of late barely allowing the car to move. VAG-Com is showing codes for 18223 pressure control valve and P1815 and P1822. From my basic searching this short to posstive fault which came up as none serviceable...
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    Timing pull...

    I just got the car up and running and I noticed in the logger the car pulls 12 degrees of timing after it warms up. (Never did this before) It does this pretty much in any engine load, rpm, and gear. I spent the weekend trying to pin point where but pretty much anything over 10% throttle once...
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    Passenger window/lock not working...

    Passenger window and passeneger auto lock is not working. I thought it was just the switch so I replaced it but that didn't help. What would be the next culprit? Almost like its not getting power? The window goes down with the drive control switch and the lock still works when you use either...
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    Looking for factory head unit

    I'm looking for the stock factory head unit in good condition and working order. Please PM me. Thanks!