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    APR tune retrievable?

    Hey guys, so I traded in my Gti a while back (to a Subaru dealer) and it had a fully loaded apr stage 2 tune on it but before I turned the car in I switched over back to the stock map. Recently I found the new owner of my car and told him about the tune and he seems interested... My question is...
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    FS: Catless Dp and FK Coilovers (so cal)

    Ok guys recently traded in my 2008 Gti and managed to get back my aftermarket stuff... Items are OBO 1. Raceland 3" catless downpipe (FSI motor) it's in super good shape no scratches or anything. I had it on my car for about 4 months. SOLD 2. FK Automotive Highsport coilovers, height...
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    Fuel gauge issue

    So my fuel gauge has been acting up. It's been stuck on 3 quarters of a tank and the mfd reads I have 190 miles left on the tank for the passed week and a half. What could it be? Bad fuel sensor or the actual gauge? Anyone have the similar problem?
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    Need help from you Fitment Guru's

    I'm about to purchase a set of m220 18x8 (front) 18x9 et. 38 (rear) I'm good on the fronts, I know they will fit but I'm concerned about the rears! I was trying to avoid getting 215's and stretching so I was gonna just use my 225/40r I already have. Do you think it will fit running a 225 tire...
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    Avant garde photoshop request please!

    Hey Everyone, I need a favor. Can someone please photoshop a set of avant garde m220 on my car please? Yes I know there are numerous photos on google of Gti's with these wheels but majority of them are on Bags. I want to see if I can pull them off at my ride height. I'm super close to purchasing...
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    That sound. Is it normal?

    I've had some fk highsports installed and shortly after my car started making all this noise and it's getting pretty annoying. Everything is tightened and lubricated properly. I would appreciate of y'all help me with this. Thanks Here is the video...
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    That sound. Is it normal?

    Ignore. Accidentally posted twice
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    Chassis rubbing on axle??

    I recently got my fk highsports installed (3 weeks ago) and about 4 days after the install I started noticing wierd squeaking/rubber rubbing noises. It was getting pretty loud so I took it in today. He said supposedly the noise is from my chassis is rubbing on my axle so he raised it up a bit...
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    Photo request please

    Can someone post a picture of a tornado red with 30% tint and maybe a little under that? Thanks in advance.
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    Fk Highsport coilovers.. Need some advice

    Hey y'all I'm going to purchase new fk highsports tomorrow but before I go through with the purchase I had some questions. 1. I heard many good things about these and recently I saw a thread and there were 3 guys saying they suck and are worse than race lands. I also read that the front shock...
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    Anyone know about dirt Bikes? Kawasaki

    Hey y'all, I had a question about the resale value of my bike. I have a 2006 Kawasaki klx 110 that was barely ridden and has sat in my garage for about 2 years without being started. I wanted to finally sale because I have no use for it. I could really use the money to fix up my car. Based off...
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    Subiefest 2012..

    ..It was dope!!! Better than last years. Did anyone on here go?
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    Hello everyone!

    Sup everybody! I'm new to this forum and I have an 08 gti I've had for about 5-6 months. I Havnt really ran any cars because I wanted to get a real good feel for the car the first 3 months i had it.. and im not really big on racing it (once in a while) My car is currently stock and looking to do...