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    M14x1.5 to M12x1.5 lug studs?

    Does ARP or some other legitimate company make these? I found a set on eBay for $33 shipped...but I'm leery of $30 worth of fasteners holding my wheels on. Can I get away with putting these on and not drilling out my 5x114.3 wheels, too? Sent from my DROID RAZR HD using Tapatalk 4 Beta
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    Stranded in Memphis - lost my damn key!

    Anybody have an idea who around here can grind a key from the VIN on a Saturday? Sent from ThunderbirdJunkie's mind because the Matrix is real, Neo.
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    WTB - 1 all silver Bioline

    I'll take all four if you really want to make me a smoking deal. I'm in the Cincinnati, OH area.
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    Need some new rubber

    I need some new rubber for the DD. '07 Jetta 2.5 5 speed, no mods, 16" wheels. I was thinking about going from the stock 205/55-16s to 225/50-16s. Right now, the car's got some god-awful Firestone Firehawk GT-Hs...they fold over in corners and on wet entrance ramps in third gear at 50 mph, it...