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    FS: APR Mobile

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    FS: HAWK HPS Brake pads

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    FS: APR K04

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    WTB: Wolfsburg front grill

    anyone selling their wolfsburg front grill, PM me please
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    WTB: Mill Works License Plate Bracket

    anyone have one they want to get rid of? please PM me! Thanks
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    FS: OEM Bluetooth Harness

    I have a new OEM bluetooth harness with microphone for anyone installing bluetooth into their car. $30 shipped
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    FS: OEM LED Passsenger side tail light

    My passenger side OEM LED tail light started acting up and changed color. It is working but is red in one section and sometime flickers. I bought a new passenger side LED tail light and am selling my old flickering one in case someone wants to fix it or something. $50 shipped. heres what it...
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    WTB: OEM EURO LED Tail light

    Does anyone have a passenger outside OEM LED tail light for sale? A couple lights on my passenger side light started flickering. Please PM me if you have one! Thanks guys!
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    Bluetooth 9w2 installation?

    Hello guys, anyone here able to do a 9w2 bluetooth install? I have a RCD-510 AC unit with a 9w2 bluetooth and harness. Please PM me your price and information. Thank you! -Serge
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    RCD-510 with 9w2 bluetooth question/help!

    2009 GTI MKV: I have a RCD-510 (part# 1K0035180AC) installed and would like to add bluetooth audio streaming. Would a 9w2 bluetooth module (part# 1k8035730C) be able to do this? thanks in advance guys!
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    FS: Eonon GM5152

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    FS: OEM D2S Philips bulb

    I have one D2S philips bulb for sale. Asking $25 shipped.
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    FS: OEM BBS Huffs (4)

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    FS: TSI Y pipe

    Like new, great condition. $30 shipped
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    FS: Pancake turbo outlet pipe

    Like new, no damage. $30 shipped