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  1. Mk5Steven

    Genuine Ross Tech Cable 2 VINS

    Message me if interested: located in socal for local pickup or buyer pays shipping
  2. Mk5Steven

    No CEL CBFA CTS Downpipe Stock Tune (soundclip :D)

    2009 CBFA TSI On 5/10/20 (~118,300) I installed my CTS Turbo Catted Downpipe to complete my full turboback (catback also CTS) but I did not plan on tuning the car due to potentially causing the clutch to slip. I used two Vibrant O2 J-Spacers, (amazon was cheapest at the time) one on the...
  3. Mk5Steven

    WTB: MK5 Xenon Headlights

    I’m looking for either a pair of matching headlight that are compatible with the one connections, or an own passenger headlight. I do not need the ballasts or lights. Located in SoCal will pickup or pay for shipping .
  4. Mk5Steven

    Chipped ECU Swap

    I have a 2009 GTI CBFA (MT) and I was wondering what it would involve if I were to swap the stock ECU with a stage 1 or 2 ECU. I would find one with the same engine code, year, etc but I was wondering if the instrument cluster is also paired to the ecu as I have heard you can have immo problems...
  5. Mk5Steven

    Cobb For MK5 in the Works?

    So I emailed Cobb just to see if the AP supported my 2009 GTI with the TSI as it’s pretty much a mk6 on a mk5 body. They said it does not as of now but they responded with this : Just thought I’d keep you guys in the loop! This guy may very well be the man we need to get the ball rolling lol.
  6. Mk5Steven

    Need Immobilizer Disabled

    I have a 2009 GTI TSI (mk5) and I purchased a Galletto 1260 to try to disable it myself but after reading further into it I feel as though it’s out of my skill set. If anyone could give me more information on what I have to change to disable it I would much appreciate it. Thank you
  7. Mk5Steven

    CTS Turbo Downpipe for TSI 2.0T(sold)

    I recently purchased a 2009 GTI that came with an already installed CTS Turbo Catback exhaust. However, the owner included this unused downpipe which I can only assume came with the catback in a full turboback system. Since I live in California :cry: HiFlow Cat configuration of the downpipe...