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  1. vwengineer

    Real video vs Dragy or VBOX arguement...

    I think it can correct both ways but I didn't try it as I prefer having the speedo reading a bit higher due to the high density of speed traps we have over there :/ You might get some info from here:
  2. vwengineer

    Real video vs Dragy or VBOX arguement...

    Yeah, I get your point. Some people do not deserve help at all. In case you did not know, you can correct the speedo to display the real speed should you want to with VCDS (changing the impulse number). The car actually knows the real speed, if you use the climatronic secret menu, you can...
  3. vwengineer

    Real video vs Dragy or VBOX arguement...

    I find it gross from the guy you are trying to help to say that, especially since I trust you. Regarding the arguments of the guy and yours, I see valid points both sides. I would see it like this track slip > GPS data > speedo video. Speedo video: + a video is difficult to manipulate + real...
  4. vwengineer

    Finally minimized transmission whine!

    OEM transmission fluid is best on these gearbox feeling wise. MT-90 is second. Your oil is not adequate for this transmission, you need API GL-4, not API GL-5 because does not allow the synchronizers to create enough friction and to work properly
  5. vwengineer

    2007 GTI Doors won't lock with fob

    Can be door wiring also, push the boot and inspect the wires for cracked insulation/broken wires
  6. vwengineer

    Sunroof Drain Tube

    Spray some vinegar (could be a 50/50 mix with water), it will kill any mold, then try do dry it as well as you can. It will smell vinegar a bit but the smell will go away
  7. vwengineer

    Sunroof Drain Tube

    You don't need to pull the headliner, you can get to the connector just by pulling on the headliner carefully, may need to remove the roof handle and sunvisor though. Also the hose is not connected tightly, this is normal. I also disconnected it when pulling on it. I also chased a leak but in...
  8. vwengineer

    HELP!! Electric auxiliary cooling pump not working

    In the mean time you can let the car idle 30 seconds before shutting it off if you are worried.
  9. vwengineer

    HELP!! Electric auxiliary cooling pump not working

    Where is this output test? Couldn't find it. @Chumeta I think the pump does not always run when you stop or does it?
  10. vwengineer

    First Car

    It's fine as long as proper maintenance has been carried out. If you get a DSG, check if the service was done (every 60k I think and else do it immediately). There are few things to look out , like the cam follower of the high pressure fuel pump and the cam chain (opposite to the timing belt)...
  11. vwengineer

    Help with rail pressure pre-start-up.

    The problem with checking fuses it that the car does not go to sleep because you have the driver door open
  12. vwengineer

    Help with rail pressure pre-start-up.

    It's not necessary, just disconnect the battery and connect the multimeter in-between. Yes it will reset the car computers but it doesn't matter, the drain will settle fast to "sleep mode" once the car is locked with hood closed (did that already). Another way to do that is to connect and spare...
  13. vwengineer

    Help with rail pressure pre-start-up.

    Yes, I saw a video where they diagnose it on an MK6. In the video they use an inline gauge probably because of this but you can also probably pull the fuse with ignition ON and VCDS running as you suggested. In the video the pressure would drop quickly once ignition is switched off and...
  14. vwengineer

    Help with rail pressure pre-start-up.

    It's that a problem with a faulty LPFP which drop pressure when not running? To diagnose this problem you would need to put a gauge in the fuel line, turn ignition ON, watch pressure, turn OFF, see if pressure drops or stays.
  15. vwengineer

    Help with rail pressure pre-start-up.

    I did not check right now, but I remember seeing it more or less equal to the LPFP pressure also with ignition ON, car not running vs 50 bars requested I think. Not sure mine is a good exemple though with its mileage, nevertheless pressure also holds and then rise when the car is shut down.
  16. vwengineer

    New to VW

    You can blow in the valve also to test it. Should seal completely
  17. vwengineer

    Poor handling/steering wheel feels too soft after alignment

    I had the same issue after my home made alignment. Turns out I had too much toe-in. After doing a real alignment the steering is perfect
  18. vwengineer

    2007 TFSI Idling Roughly, and Revving On Its Own

    Could be PCV or a vacuum leak, did you replace it with a genuine one?
  19. vwengineer

    Need help solving clunk noise!

    I had the same problem, only on the opposite side. I would first make sure everything is healthy in the suspension/direction (no play in tie rods ends for exemple). If there is no problems there, the most obvious things are either that the subframe bolts got a bit loose or you have play in...
  20. vwengineer

    DSG DQ200 dry

    Regarding your first point, can you explain what are the benefits of what you do? I would say there is no point on putting the gearbox in neutral when coasting since in D it's slowing the car down but also don't use fuel which it does in N. Also you will wear you brake pads quicker since the...