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  1. Mostic

    How to add this forum group to tapatalk?

    Hi, After the forums upgrade, I can't access it or MK6 from the Tapatalk! Does anyone succeed to do it? If not then how to add this forum group to tapatalk? Thanks Mostic
  2. Mostic

    WTB: PM3

    Hi, If any PM3 for sale please send me PM or reply to the thread. Thanks Mostic
  3. Mostic

    WTB: 3" downpipe for K04 OEM fitting

    I want to buy 3" downpipe for K04; I prefer APR or milltek, similar quality
  4. Mostic

    Why Oil Temp is not reading after changing the ECU?!

    Guys, I have a strange question, why oil temp is not reading after changing the ECU SW? The oil temp disappear from the MFD and it gives -60 in the PolarFIS which means it is not reading. This thing happen when I change the SW revision from 1K0 907 115 Q to 1K0 907 115 R :mad0259: This is...
  5. Mostic

    Question: Eibach or H&R springs?

    Eibach or H&R springs? Which one you would go for? Why? I have an offer to install Eibach or H&R springs on my car. The car is highly modified and I will replace the Blue Koni springs I have by one of the Eibach or H&R springs. What do you think? Thx
  6. Mostic

    Need your advise about JE Pistons 8.5:1 or 9.5:1

    Hi Guys, I am confused between the JE Pistons 8.5:1 or 9.5:1 for the 2.0T FSI engine. I am already running the JE 9.5:1 in my setup with GTX2867R but I am preparing another engine for another car and I will use GTX2867R kit for a while then I will replace it by EFR7163 kit. Target: Like all of...
  7. Mostic

    Oryx White Color Code?

    Hi Guys, Can you tell me what is the Oryx White Color Code for the below pics? Volkswagen has a few paint code locations within the trunk. Check under the trunk deck lid, inside the rear compartment, under the mat, or on the spare tire wheel well. A VW Color Code is typically 2,3 or 4...
  8. Mostic

    ME & MY MKV Build! (Fun, Tough & Cost)

    I built my car few years ago and still adding more and more stuff from time to time but I never start my build thread. I always say time has been passed to do it but as every time I add more things and stuff I found that I still can start from somewhere, so I decided to start even if it is late...
  9. Mostic

    Direct Port Installation Help/Questions

    Hi, I am looking for a direct port installation on the OEM intake manifold. I found the following parts:
  10. Mostic

    Clutch or Mechatronic

    I had a problem in my car last week, the RPM went high up to 1500~2000rpm and the car didn't move which is clearly DSG slipping then it back again to normal but I feel no torque or power in the low RPM from standstill to ~2000RPM. I got this fault 19143 - Unexpected / Implausible Mechanical...
  11. Mostic

    Adding Supercharger to our 2.0T MKV!

    I am thinking of adding a Supercharger kit to my setup. I know that I can upgrade the turbo and do another few things but I want to do something not done here before (in my country). All thoughts are most welcome and sure if anyone did it before is more than welcome... Let's do something more...
  12. Mostic

    Why this happened to the tires?

    Hi, Why this happened to the tires? I just had it from less than 8000km and it becomes like the photos. Any body knows?! ------- Philosophy Of Eagles: Eagles flies only with eagles!
  13. Mostic

    HOW to install 2007 GTI OEM 18" Rims on MKV R32 brake pads and rotors?

    Hi, I have 2007 GTI 2.0T FSI, I want to upgrade the GTI brake pads and rotors to MKV R32 brake pads and rotors. I am running the OEM 18" rims (18"x7.5 ET51 5x112) but I am not sure that it will fit with the MKV R32 brake pads and rotors, and I don't want to install spacers. Anyone tried it...
  14. Mostic

    Which clutch is better?

    A friend of mine has 2013 Seat Cupra R 1P with K04 turbocharger and the car is average 380HP & 510NM with a manual gearbox. He is looking for an upgraded clutch, he use the car for a daily drive and one or two races per month and for sure street races during the week end :smile: He is thinking...
  15. Mostic

    Smoke, Smoke, Smoke .. I need help!

    Hi, A friend of mine has a serious problem with his car, the car perform well without any problem but the car smoke after you push it hard and strong. The smoke doesn't appear while driving the car or even immediately after stopping the car, it appears after few minutes after stopping the car...
  16. Mostic

    What is the correct torque for the BSH Mounts?

    Hi, I have the BSH FSI Engine Mount Package but when I installed it I got a terrible vibration, so I removed the engine mount and installed back the OEM one and the vibration almost disappeared by 95%. I read some where that this vibration could be related to the over bolts torque when the...
  17. Mostic

    What is Boost Manager (BM+)?!

    I saw the BM+ expression in many threads and honestly I didn't know what is it! I decided to do some researches in order to learn new things. As I read in the Eurodyne page that: Boost manager is a programmable Water methanol and fuel pump controller with 2 additional outputs that can be...
  18. Mostic

    DSG Launch Control is not working

    The launch control is not working for K04 car! ECU is flashed by Revo K04 stage3 and DSG is flashed by Revo DSG stage1. I tried many many times to activate the launch control and it is not working. Here is the car TCU Box Code, Software Revision and Model: Box Code: 02E 300 042 Q Software...
  19. Mostic

    Upgraded T25 exhaust manifold for GTX2867R

    I upgraded my 2007 GTI 2.0T FSI to GTX2867R Turbocharger T25 with internal wastegate; unfortunately that I am running the GTX2867R turbo with the ATP T25 exhaust manifold which makes terrible spooling and timing issues. :thumbdown: In order to get the maximum from my turbo and hardware setup...
  20. Mostic

    Why the Boost gauge is less by ~2-3PSI?!

    I don't know why the Boost gauge is ~2-3PSI off like the attached pic? The gauge read like the attached photo while I am not pressing the Acceleration Pedal. Also, the less ~2-3PSI appears when I do data-logging, so I can see 25PSI in the data-logging file while I only see 22PSI in the Boost...