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  1. JoeChungus

    Twincharged gti

    So basically I love supercharges and since having this silver gti the idea of twincharging just seems badass asf. What all would I need? where would I even start?
  2. JoeChungus

    I need help!!

    Thanks! I’ll see what I can find regarding.
  3. JoeChungus

    I need help!!

    Nope not yet I have some plans though lol
  4. JoeChungus

    I need help!!

    So my MKV gti has run into some engine issues and I‘ve only had the car for a week and a half (It’s used ofc). My issues are P0010 “Intake Camshaft Position Actuator Circuit / Open (Bank 1)” and P0299 “Turbo / Super Charger Underboost” (It reads that code twice idk if that means anything) and...