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  1. snobrdrdan

    Implementation of Data Caps for Home Internet

    There's no data cap when you connect with 56k, just sayin'
  2. snobrdrdan

    Loud Ticking

    Have you checked the timing chain and tensioner? (chain stretch could lead to the chain hitting the cover) That's a HUGE issue on the early TSI's TONS of videos/posts about that For example:
  3. snobrdrdan

    Replacing motor concerns

    A CBFA TSI is a CBFA TSI....there's no difference & it would be a direct swap
  4. snobrdrdan

    welcome guide

    I think there was a box you can check to never show it again or something
  5. snobrdrdan

    Suspension upgrade

    I'd avoid the 034 mounts The TT mounts I linked won't be a "drastic" upgrade, but they are a slight upgrade & OEM quality still. If you want OEM though, just grab the Lemforder ones for cheaper ($20/each), which is the OEM supplier to VW for those...
  6. snobrdrdan

    Top tether for child seat

    Those are (typically) cargo tie downs. Here in the US, our rear seats had anchors on them for the car seats.
  7. snobrdrdan

    Suspension upgrade

    Strut mount (slight upgrade at a great price from a OEM supplier): Bearing (this is the OEM supplier for the VW strut bearing, but without the markup)...
  8. snobrdrdan

    Looking for VW Helix Soundbox Programmer Dongle

    LMGTFY: ;)
  9. snobrdrdan

    Official Golf Recipe Thread - It's Getting Hot In Herre!!!

    Same here, lol....had to ask my co-worker if they've had stroganoff with ground beef either. My mom used to make it with little pieces of steak back in the day
  10. snobrdrdan

    You guys know about this?

    I just browse on it while at work, that's all. I'm sure it's still susceptible to whatever though. Once it dies, it'll get pitched...but it keeps on ticking. The battery life is all but gone and needs to be plugged in to function, lol. So what is Linux Mint? Replaces Windows or something? (I...
  11. snobrdrdan

    Who has/had COVID?

    I work in a hospital & have dealt with pretty much everyone that had COVID (or thought they did) that came thru the doors. I had it in the middle of November, but didn't get it from work ironically. :rolleyes: Me and my 2 year old little boy were the ones that tested positive in our family...
  12. snobrdrdan

    You guys know about this?

    Well it's the only browser that works on my 12+ year old laptop running Windows Vista Works fine on my iPhone though, but I'm always on here on my laptop
  13. snobrdrdan

    My second build on my 08 GTI

    Damn! :( But before that happened, the plan was to rebuild/fix it right? i.e. this was the final straw
  14. snobrdrdan

    Mk5 R32 rim colour code?

    It's a silver, but not specifically "Reflex Silver" Wurth has a good match, supposedly. Good info here:
  15. snobrdrdan

    You guys know about this?

    So, pages aren't loading for me on Firefox if there are attachments posted on/in them. It loads the top, and then scrolls to nothing (infinitely) Anyone else?
  16. snobrdrdan

    Questions regarding spacers/lugs want to do it "cheaper" :rolleyes: I'm seeing the same price on ECS for either 40mm or 45mm bolts though, at $2.51/each:,_Studs,_-and-_Nuts/ It won't look "weird" if they're longer in the front, because you won't see...
  17. snobrdrdan

    Questions regarding spacers/lugs

    Correct on the lug bolt lengths. (stock length is 27mm, then add the thickness of the spacer to that number -- if necessary...round UP, not down, to the closest bolt length available) And stock wheels do use ball seat bolts too