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    Timing Chain Stretch should be safe. VW has an unpublished, so to speak, spec of ±5°...and VW dealer shops do timing chain and tensioner replacements.

    Removing oil screens anyone done it?

    Have you had no luck in the MK6 section with this?

    Fundamental Maf signal

    I will assume when you say "richer in gasoline" mean it is running lean and there is a fuel addition showing in the fuel trims? Most of your fuel trims may be due to the intake. Here is a list of some posted results of some different intakes and their fuel trim averages; For the MAF...

    Oil around DV housing and TB pipe after catch can install

    Yeah, it shouldn't affect it as mostly affects the mind. LOL My DV relocate is from AWE so the DV is back by the turbo inlet...and it repurposes the noise pipe. I have a forge throttle-body's good quality. But yeah...three hoses and a bit of work should tidy it up.

    Oil around DV housing and TB pipe after catch can install

    It shouldn't make any difference, but it wouldn't sit well with me. I wouldn't have done it just for knowing the edges of one extra cavity the air is passing. But know, LOL, that I am a stickler for wierd things....even if they have no effect. On mine I trimmed all of the raised ends/beads from...

    Burning oil at 1qt per 400 miles

    I did mine at 120k miles. There was no need, so I used original VW bearings.

    Oil around DV housing and TB pipe after catch can install

    A bunch of our engines, at the age they now are, are in need of valve stem seals. The seals only go so long before they become hardened and lose their full sealing capability.

    Seeking confirmation for United Motorsport K04 tunes...

    I am considering a switch to a UM K04 tune. Their site has figures of 324 WHP and 380 lb*ft posted for 100 octane with a K04....and so as you would, I am asking for any confirmation on the race fuel comparison or even for some pump fuel numbers. There is one of their dealers nearby...but I...

    Oil around DV housing and TB pipe after catch can install longer are vapors drawn into the intale manifold when vacuum is present. It all now goes into the turbo inlet if the CC is recycling.
  10. ROH ECHT

    Possible fix for low fuel pressure faults....

    We didn't get many here in the US with the Banjo fitting...but having spent time on the UK MK5 forum, I have seen many posts on the topic of the Banjo fitting from people asking HOW? or WHY? I imagine it is one of those things where "once you've done it," it isn't as daunting a task. I imagine...
  11. ROH ECHT

    Possible fix for low fuel pressure faults....

    😂 ...even bullets can't loosen the Banjo fitting.
  12. ROH ECHT

    Possible fix for low fuel pressure faults....

    This is something becoming more common. People seeing; fuel cuts, car is cutting out on idle, low on power, won't restart for a while, low fuel pressure codes, LPFP fuel pressure is found low in the data with high duty cycles. Many times this gets misdiagnosed and many parts are being replaced...
  13. ROH ECHT

    Please help, mk5 gti no boosting properly

    Unplug the MAF and test how it runs. (I would not use a re-manufactured one over the genuine OE sensor) I know they are expensive but you should never need to replace it again. Do you have the original still? Replace it with a genuine OE sensor when you can. The N75 should be 25 ohm...swap it if...
  14. ROH ECHT

    2009 MK5 GTI TSi Vacuum leak? Where?

    Have you looked at the oil dipstick seal/o-ring? Obviously, with the dipstick o-ring able to trigger P0171 and P0507...any leak in the crankcase can do the same. Given P0100 is included in the may be a leak in the air inlet. Which can be anything between the MAF and the air inlets of...
  15. ROH ECHT

    Please help, mk5 gti no boosting properly

    For the PCV suspicion...disconnect here and blow into the tube after wiping it clean. It should be closed to contain boost. It opens when vacuum is applied...when the intake draws upon it. Regarding the N75...disconnect its wire connector and test the N75's resistance. Should see 25 ohm...
  16. ROH ECHT

    Smoke at idle

    Well...the culprit wasn't the valve guides, LOL. Was a bit more work for my shop too, doing the guides. The guides were found a bit loose, but my mach-shop tech said the seals were likely the worse of the two. They were hard and cracked. But they did a great job. And for just $425usd.
  17. ROH ECHT

    Smoke at idle

    Thanks for posting the resolution. No new valve guides though? I remember when mine began smoking way back causing me to rebuild in 2015...I suspected the valve seals. But since it was being torn apart I went ahead with; replacing the valve guides (if found to be loose, and they were), head...
  18. ROH ECHT

    Smoke at idle

    I needed to add to this; with the CC, there is no longer intake vacuum draw in the crankcase. I missed this before...not sure why. The gauge vacuum; is the same as at the MAP sensor...not inside the crankcase. The crankcase will be under light pressure from blow-by with the "PCV to intake...
  19. ROH ECHT

    Alternatives to stock air filter/engine cover.

    Caymanjp I see the inline...but for the hassle of doing an inline filter and still needing an intake tube to utilize it...all just to keep the APR scoop??? I too would opt for just a good intake which comes with a containment box for the incoming air through the grille. A CTS will likely suit...