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  1. stuck24

    Houston!!! Zimmerman Discs/ PBR Ceramic Pads REARS

    Zimm Rear Discs and PBR Ceramics ... REARS... New, just sold the MK5, have no need for these. $100 Firm. Houston sale only please!
  2. stuck24

    saying bye to the mk5

    hey all... it's been fun with my mk5. I got a good deal on a 300 mile used 2010 with xenons/ 18's/ dynaudio/ cloth/ 6 speed.... I'm a little tired of topping up my oil every 500 miles... and a little worried about the fsi's midterm solidity.... I'm smitten by how incredibly smooth the mk6...
  3. stuck24

    MK7 already set!!!
  4. stuck24

    How is Timing Set on our motors

    hey all, dealership changed timing belt/ tensioner 1 month ago under warranty for cricket-chirping noise. Ever since I've noticed a shift in the powerband. Power comes on a bit earlier and levels off a bit earlier.... I remember advancing the timing on my old Miata in order to gain a bit more...
  5. stuck24

    Audi A3 still uses FSI motor

    just saw this on their website. Interesting, VW moves on with a TSI, Audi sticks with it in 200/hp form... belt-driven, cam follower et al.... thoughts? why? Is the FSI still better in many ways? Don't wanna start a brawl, maybe a discussion. :wink:
  6. stuck24

    18" tires = 35 psi before / 38 psi now

    hi all... my 07 calls for 35 psi in all 4 of the 18" tires. The same size tires for the 2010 GTI call for 38 psi.... why oh why o why? Even at 35 psi, the ride is very very firm and my steering pretty hefty.... Any thoughts as to why the newer GTIs call for such a high psi? I've even...
  7. stuck24

    just plugged my tire ... thoughts?

    hey all... really sort of ticked at life's inevitabilities right now... I got a little nail shoved into the area b/w the tread and sidewall. I've read that plugging the tire an inch from sidewall or near the sidewall is super dangerous, but I will replace soon. However, I said Fu#$ it, I'm...
  8. stuck24

    no idea about the MK1 click and read.... had no idea that they were still in production up til now ... :thumbsup:
  9. stuck24

    fsi oil capacity

    ok all... I've searched here and I've gotten 5 quarts as the answer... but in my 07's states clearly "approximately 4.6 quarts incl filter) who is right? don't really wanna dump in an extra half quart if I don't have to...
  10. stuck24

    recall 03 ecm update done

    took the car in for a 5k change...I asked them to go ahead and flash the ecm for the 03 update... can't really tell right now if the flash changed anything performance-wise because I also switched oil weight/ brand for this oil change However, I notice now though that whenever I press unlock...
  11. stuck24

    APR stage 1 0-60 times

    OK ...hi all.... quick question for stage 1-ers... how many tenths of a second am I shaving if I plunk down me $600 for stage 1 APR??? stock 6 speed manual GTIs such as mine already hoof it to 60 within 6.2 seconds or so... soooo how much will stage 1 knock off??? is 300 lb ft only gonna...
  12. stuck24

    noise pipe

    hey all... question for UK GTI owners: is it true UK MK5 gtis don't come with the noise pipe that pipes intake growl into the cabin??? curious
  13. stuck24

    hard clutch when hot outside

    help all... minor issue, but worth a discussion... 10 months ago... I replaced the brake fluid cos the manual says so...and also b/c my clutch tightened up slightly/ got harder to depress after a 10 or 15 mile jaunt on the freeway. Once i got off the off ramp and downshifted, I could sense that...
  14. stuck24

    APR in Houston

    hey all... APR dealers in Houston??? any really good ones here? wish the VW dealers had APR outlets like they do on the EAst coast
  15. stuck24

    WTB Huff 18" Houston p/u only

    need to buy a mint/ excellent Huff here in Houston. help!
  16. stuck24

    WTB 18" Huff from Houston resident

    near mint condition please and much rather greater houston metro
  17. stuck24

    WTB 18" Huff from Houston resident

    hey all.. any Houstonians willing to part with ONE near mint Huff.???? much obliged!