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  1. Notoriouswithag

    FS: votex rep lip

    Ordered this lip off ebay almost 2 months ago and got it for $100 shipped and have had zero problems with it. Fitment was basically dead on and for the price it cant be beat. Im selling it because Im trading my GTI front end for my old wolfsburg front end+OEM votex lip back and have no use for...
  2. Notoriouswithag

    WTB[N. VA]: Stock TR rear bumper[upper/lower]

    Looking to get rid of my colormatched rear, its got scuffs and chips and I dont want to deal with the hassle of getting it refinished/resanded, so instead Im looking for an OEM Tornado red rear bumper(upper ( lower) anybody?
  3. Notoriouswithag

    double checking 16" wheels fitment

    been searching and im pretty sure but just wanted to make sure. h20i is right around the corner and Im hoping I can convince my buddy to let me rock his 16" A4 sport wheels for the weekend/sometime while I can give him my vision's to get refinished.painted. wheels in questions, and before you...
  4. Notoriouswithag

    WTT: H&R ultralows+cash for air

    been on the fence about it for a while but decided that its for the better, Im looking to swap my ultralows w/ 10k on them+ cash ontop for anyone looking to get rid of their air setup. Only thing is Im looking for local/ semi local at the moment since I dont have another set of suspension...
  5. Notoriouswithag

    WTT: TR GTI Front for Rabbit Front[NVA/MD/DC]

    looking for a TR rabbit front w/ a colormatched votex lip, but stock lip will do. I need some change in my life, Im ****ing tired of my GTI front:) Willing to trade my GTI front w/ Jetta grille+ lower center grille+ R-line fog grilles for your complete OEM rabbit front. There are some slight...
  6. Notoriouswithag

    I wanna be, I wanna be like Max *pow*

    Im sure alot of you can figure out the movie the thread title came from, aside from a name change:biggrin:, so :beer: to you if you do car looks a bit different hence the Max reference(ironic but couldnt pass them up). Sold the miro's to a buddy who gave me the number I wanted for the miro's...
  7. Notoriouswithag

    WTB: OEM textured GTI/Rabbit sideskirts.

    Dont care if their fading as ill throw another layer of spray paint ontop. car is getting sold next year so im in th process of fixing everything needed for when the time comes to sell. I'm looking to buy a set locally but if there is a set for sale w/ shipping that isnt expensive then im open
  8. Notoriouswithag

    reps are gay

    But I dont give a fuck:yikes:, 2 pics from a local show this past weekend good news is that my car was payed off in full as of 2 weeks ago which means that Im not trying to spend anymore money aside for regular maintenance untill I plan to trade in the car by this time next year. I need to...
  9. Notoriouswithag

    Miro help

    just bought a set of Miro's(:yikes:) for daily use and I bought them off a guy w/ a B5 A4 and he had hub rings on them. I went to test fit today and 2 were missing but the other 2 had them. I asked him if he remembered the size of the rings and he didnt but he told me they were first...
  10. Notoriouswithag

    WTT[N.VA/MD/DC/PA]: OEM 17" Mercedes W210 E430 sport wheels

    specs: 17x7.5 ET41 Just putting this up there to see what's out there, I really miss 18's but I just want to see whats going on Got them off a good friend who repainted them Silver(originally black) and its not perfect but it does the job for now, also comes with pink centercaps from one of...
  11. Notoriouswithag

    sho nuff

    Took long enough to get some decent pics, but Im hoping I can get some by the infamous Guilford/ Carter soon when either is back from school:biggrin: Still have some things to finish up like ordering new centercaps, painting the front emblem to match the rear, and notch so I can lower the...
  12. Notoriouswithag

    still not on this low jawns.

    but I figuered I'd post some wonderfully shitty iphone pictures cause we all know teasers are fucking gay right? Nothing serious going on here, but I feel that after trying to accomplish this for quite some time(with many financial setbacks) Im finally able to post pictures. My suspension is...
  13. Notoriouswithag

    Need some help with tire size

    Looking into a set of wheels and their as follows, 17x7.5 but I cant seem to find the offset on them, anybody care to help out? these are the ones, came on the W210 E430 sedans
  14. Notoriouswithag

    FS:Votex rear bumper

  15. Notoriouswithag

    Transmissiono fluid?(6MT)

    So I figure Ill start jumpping ahead on maintenance here even though I grandma the hell out of my car(save for a few redline pulls here and there) but my buddy that works at a shop can hook it up for my maintenance so Im gonna have him do alot of it. But as far as manual transmission fluid...
  16. Notoriouswithag

    WTB: center vent pod(52mm) only

    Getting tired of my column pod so I want to switch it up and get a vent pod for that extra cleanliness factor. Anybody selling just their gauge pod? I already have a NS gauge wired to the column so IM just looking to move it
  17. Notoriouswithag

    WTB: Catch can setup(FSI)

    Like the title states just looking to see if anyone is getting rid of their setup. Im willing to pay for shipping, doesent have to be just local:smile:
  18. Notoriouswithag

    Cant wait

    anyone else excited as I am?!
  19. Notoriouswithag

    Hey Fabio.

    Saw this on the tex and thought this was pretty cool, had no idea too. He should run his own store :lol:, but there are some nice ones in there too:thumbsup:
  20. Notoriouswithag

    Guilty pleasures?

    What kind of cars/trucks, etc can you not get enough of? for me itd have to be these guys, I just cant resist them and I have a stupidly weird fascination with them whats yours?