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  1. Eric6014

    Should I buy an R32?

    Is the car stock? If so I would go for it if you can get him down on the price a bit. You might be able to do better on price but it's highly unlikely that you'll find another one with low miles that hasn't been messed with in some way. If it's just a weekend car to add to your collection and...
  2. Eric6014

    Body Shop Rec's

    Some asshole hit and run my car while it was parked on the street. I didn't notice until after the fact so I'm SOL. Anyone know a good body shop in the NYC area? Need to splurge on a new set of tinted tails too since you can't get the individual lights anywhere.
  3. Eric6014

    USPS hit and run

    A garbage truck knocked my side mirror off a couple years ago while I was parked on the street. A neighbor saw it happen but I wasn't home to witness it so I was SOL trying to get anywhere with the city. At least you have some proof. Hopefully you'll be able to get somewhere with them.
  4. Eric6014

    Whining noise

    Update on this. Or more like no update. I injured my hand and had to have surgery not long after posting this, so I won't be getting under the hood any time soon. I will post an update once I'm able to check it out.
  5. Eric6014

    First 8 second TTRS in the US

    If only we could get that engine in a golf...
  6. Eric6014

    Whining noise

    Thanks for the reply. I'll try and post some video. It's less of a whistle and more of a whine. But I wouldn't be surprised if it was the PCV. I will check that out. If it was an air leak would I be seeing a decrease in boost?
  7. Eric6014

    Whining noise

    I've been getting a high pitched whining noise the past few weeks. Might just be the weather getting cold, but I had the same noise about a year ago right before I blew my turbo. I doubt it's the turbo this time since the new one only has few thousand miles on it. The sound gets higher...
  8. Eric6014

    The COVID19 SCAMdemic...All Season Tires, Climate Change, Scams On Top Of Scams - Crimes Against Humanity

    Herd immunity = many more of us will die. I personally have loved ones who are vulnerable due to respiratory health conditions and it is a constant struggle and source of stress worrying about whether they will be exposed to a carless idiot who refuses to wear a mask. The Sweden plan is no...
  9. Eric6014

    The COVID19 SCAMdemic...All Season Tires, Climate Change, Scams On Top Of Scams - Crimes Against Humanity

    I don't know where you're from Zrickety, but anyone from my neck of the woods is going to have a hard time with your point of view. We know all to well in NYC that this is most certainly not a scam and it is very real. In April and May we all had the unfortunate privilege of witnessing the...
  10. Eric6014

    WTB: Tinted Tail Lights

    Thanks. I'm looking for the dark tinted ones. I've got them on my car now, but one of them needs to be replaced.
  11. Eric6014

    WTB: Tinted Tail Lights

    I have the OEM US spec tinted tail lights on my car. The outer driver side plastic is cracked. Looking for a replacement, but the only ones I've seen in stock are on ECS for $$$. I only need the outer drivers side, but I'll buy the whole set if anyone is looking to offload them.
  12. Eric6014

    Anyone ever heard of this shop? Came across these guys in a search but never heard of them. I'm looking to get my valves cleaned. I just past 100K recently and they've never been done so I'm sure it's long overdue. If anyone has any other recommendations in the area...
  13. Eric6014

    MkV 2.0?

    Too bad we don't get the polo here cause I'd be all over this: Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  14. Eric6014

    Aftermarket Cam Follower?

    Has anyone used any of the non OEM cam followers on ECS? I'm tired of paying $50 every time. Wondering if they're any different.
  15. Eric6014

    Rough Starts

    This past weekend I swapped out my cam follower, changed the oil, did a coolant flush and replaced the coolant temp sensor. Everything seemed fine after the flush, sensor and follower were replaced. After I changed the oil I started the car and it was bucking and hesitated to start for a...
  16. Eric6014

    What is this screw?

    I was replacing my coolant temp sensor today and when I was cleaning up the coolant I spilled I found this screw sitting on top of my transmission... Anyone know where it might be from?
  17. Eric6014

    Got a CEL yesterday. Help please.

    CEL came on last night. P2181, Cooling system performance fault. I don't have vag-com but did a scan with the torque app and this is the only code that came up. Anyone know whether there might be any other codes that torque is not able to see? As far as the P2181, did some searching, seems...
  18. Eric6014

    No More VW?

    Anyone see this? Pretty pathetic. They need to get their shit together...