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  1. mustache rash

    Your previous rides......Share it !!

    Well I still have my "old" ride. 2011 gti with k04, meth, and a bunch of mods. See my build thread in sig
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    Hilary or Trump (and why?)

  3. mustache rash

    Bot SPAM threads getting out of hand

    Stupid question. Whats the point of spam threads? Like whats does: "Then that If the pr" actually mean? It makes no sense to me. Its not trying to sell anything, just mindless babble....
  4. mustache rash

    Would you let others drive your car?

    Its a turbo yaris, not a lambo........
  5. mustache rash

    Who is this idiot?

    me, sorry it was a bad day
  6. mustache rash

    Why did bender get banned?

  7. mustache rash

    The Official Beer Thread

    I had the nitro mojo a few weeks ago. I loved it
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  9. mustache rash

    Who's been to jail?

    I spent 24 hours in Daytona jail during spring break when I was 20. Full orange jump suit and all. I was caught drinking outside a bar and they fucked with us. No criminal charges or background.
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  11. mustache rash

    Goodbye has stupid no space/ no underscore prohibition :(
  12. mustache rash

    Whats your post per day average?

    Trev brokeded my nose :(
  13. mustache rash

    douchebag broke my side-window

    No, not really. Probably say hi then avoid you. You try too hard kid. It's very annoying. Ding ding ding ;)
  14. mustache rash

    douchebag broke my side-window

    lol trev
  15. mustache rash

    douchebag broke my side-window

    At the end of the day though, he's still fat
  16. mustache rash

    douchebag broke my side-window

    Lol. Stop trev, you've never been in a fight. :) :) :)
  17. mustache rash

    Going to New York.

    Stay away from time square and other bullshit. Don't eat or drink at a chain restaurant I recommend hanging out in the east village. Bar hop and walk around.... I recommend dinner at the smith and you MUST go the McSorleys (fucking Abraham Lincoln drank there)...
  18. mustache rash

    What are you listening to?

    Amazing song/ band ofpXg