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  1. averyislost

    Sunglasses for Driving

    I typically rock a pair of Saraghina Eyewear “Michelangelo”s that I picked up in Italy. Made in Rimini, Italy where my girlfriend’s family is from. I love the quality of them, very comparable to my Raybans. I do non-polarized while driving, my old Raybans are polarized and the rainbow effect...
  2. averyislost

    Share your best office prank....

    LOL I work in IT as well, so I approve of this message. Thankfully I'm not in the department having to answer the "My PC is frozen, I can't click on any icons" ticket
  3. averyislost

    Share your best office prank....

  4. averyislost

    Music Tastes. Share yours!

    That's funny, that was my first concert as well. Was so stoked to see Killswitch but Disturbed ended up being pretty good too, just wasn't into them at the time. Saw them at the HOB in Myrtle Beach. Also, @sterkrazzy fantastic taste in music. Love the Language Arts Crew. Might I suggest some...
  5. averyislost

    Need help/advice on a Dealer's Body Shop issue....

    From the pictures, that 100% looks to be damage from a tool wedged in there trying to get the plastic off. That is ridiculous. I hope you're able to get it back to like-new condition like it should be. From my own experience, I had a Ford bodyshop connected to the dealership fix my old Fiesta...