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  1. theguy1084

    More stock parts +

    shocks and front end links sold! Inlet tube on engine cover sold! Engine cover sold! turbo sold! Spacers sold! I've got some stock parts that are just taking up attic space sold Stock turbo with about 25k miles $300 shipped some parts sold Stock suspension with about 8k miles $200 shipped Apr...
  2. theguy1084

    Shift light

    Has anyone installed one? If so which one and where did you get the tach signal from?
  3. theguy1084

    ECS filter housing

    Does anyone have one of these? I just got one and it keeps leaking. I torqued it as instructed and it leaked all over my garage. I took it off adjusted the seal and it was better but still leaked. Has anyone had this issue? The seal that came with the new filter looks ok.
  4. theguy1084

    WTT:390WHP 2008 GTI for an R32

    Here is the link on Vortex. I am not itching to get rid of it. I just wanted to see if there was any interest in this. Thanks. Click here to see!!!
  5. theguy1084

    WTT:390WHP 2008 GTI for an R32

    Here is the link on Vortex. I am not itching to get rid of it. I just wanted to see if there was any interest in this. Thanks. Click here to see!!!
  6. theguy1084

    Dynoed my car today

    387WHP 307WTQ. Once I upgrade my LPFP it will be 400+
  7. theguy1084

    Turbo kit installed and some issues

    The best way to describe it is at idle or while driving(cruising or under power), it's like if someone turned the key of and then back on before the car fully shut of. When this happens the engine and epc light flash. There are no faults stored. I did a throttle adaption and it was ok. It...
  8. theguy1084

    Buy my turbo kit

    Anyone near Charleston, SC or willing to meet up part way I will give a nice deal.:thumbsup: Check out my turbo kit
  9. theguy1084

    Life Changes are forcing me to sell my turbo kit

    I have a Pagparts turbo kit that I was going to install this month. Things have happened in my life where I need to look into selling it. It is all new never installed. I paid $7000 for everything. Ill ship it to you for $6800. ss vbanded manifold PTE 5530R billet .63ar ss vbanded oil feed...
  10. theguy1084

    Dual mass or single

    I installed a spec clutch about a month ago and now my oem dual mass flywheel is shot. It sounds like a diesel at idle and in neutral. Should I go with another dual mass or try a single mass. I know single mass makes noise and I am ok with that. What I am not ok with is a dual mass making noise...
  11. theguy1084

    You know...The same, but different...

    So I got all of this from Pagparts the other day. The sad part is that I won't have time to install everything for a few weeks. My goal is 400whp so only time will tell. I just installed a spec stg3+, wavetrac lsd, and mounts. The clutch sutters a little on take off, the lsd is awesome...
  12. theguy1084

    Street/drag radials

    Anyone know of some good sticky tires that I could get at least a year/12k miles out of.
  13. theguy1084

    Does any one have advice for Eurodyne Maestro?

    So I pulled the trigger on the pagparts turbo kit. I am going with PTE5830R and I am also doing rods. Does anyone have advice or comment on the eurodyne software. Good,bad,indifferent. Thanks. I am overseas right now so I won't start the install until next month.
  14. theguy1084

    Possible trade maybe sell we'll see...08 UG GTI

    I am the orginal owner and for 2 of the 4 years that I have had the car it has been in storage because I have been overseas(I am still in Kuwait now but will be home in about a month). The car has 25,xxxish miles, 6 spd manual, APR RSC turbo back, APR HPFP, APR Stg 2+, FK coils, RS4 reps, Osir...
  15. theguy1084

    End of lease... What to do???

    So my lease ends this November and my intention was to just buy the car at then end of the lease. If I want its like $11500. Lately though I have been thinking about instead of buying it using the money to buy something else. If I did it would be something of equal or lesser value. I have...
  16. theguy1084

    Timing question

    When referring to timing pull or ignition timing advance and retard... Does 0 when logging represent TDC or a pre determined timing advance set by VW and anything +/- from 0 is off of that predetermined number. For example... Say VW sets 20deg advance as "0". While logging you see -6 which in...