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  1. itsYANO

    M14 Triple Square ( SoCal / San Diego )

    NULL -- Found some at Napa they have to order but will be here in time for me.
  2. itsYANO

    San Diego (SoCal) M14 Triple Square

    NULLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL -- Found some at Napa they have to order but will get here by the morning
  3. itsYANO

    Rotor Break Pad Question

    :help: I'm trying to buy a new set of rear brake pads and rotors and my buddy works at a European auto parts store near by. He is going to hook me up with a set because he gets a discount on them but he needs to know which size rear rotor to order because there is two listed when he pulls up my...
  4. itsYANO

    vs STI (exhaust)

    merged onto freeway behind a STI saw he had an exhaust (dont know what else) so i just decided to pull up next to him and see if he wanted to mess around.. anyways he revved a few times back at me so we went from about 65.. stuck dead even with him up until about 105-110 when he started to...
  5. itsYANO

    Vogtland?? opinions

    yoo so im thinking about getting the Vogtland Sport suspention the one with a 2.0inch/50mm drop.. anyone have this orrrr know anyone that has this? any opinions on these particular springs?
  6. itsYANO

    .:R owners??

    soo i was just curious about this.. because i know people who own EVO8's and what not.. all your R drivers out there.. do you find that people are constantly taunting you and trying to race you when your out on the road? ever get annoying?
  7. itsYANO

    Defroster Question?

    okay soo ive got an 08.. i noticed above the side mirror adjustment buttons there is a defroster symbol.. im assuming this means our side mirrors have defrosters? how are they engaged cuz its been hard for me to see if they are working or not.. also when i use my defroster button on the center...
  8. itsYANO

    Need Opinions?

    So.... heres the deal.. ive reallly wanted to chip my car for sometime and have been planning to do so with my tax return.. HOWEVER my pops wont get off my back about my warranty.. i keep telling him im not worried about it but its starting to get into my head.. so my next door neighbor has a...
  9. itsYANO

    Tinting Over a Chip?

    So im thinking about doing an allaround tint.. but my window has a chip from a rock that has since been patched.. will that cause any issue when they are tinting them?
  10. itsYANO

    Aftermarket Alarms?

    So im just curious.. how many of you have put an aftermarket alarm system into your GTI? i have yet to hear about the track record with theft in the GTI and im curious if a lot of people spend the extra cash and beef up the protection..:iono:
  11. itsYANO

    So im pissed..

    seperated my AC joint in my shoulder on saturday and i havent been able to drive my GTI sense.. im gettin really irritated stuck at home and i just want to go for a drive but i have a manual and its really kindof impossible.. SHIT im going to call my friend with an s2k to see if he will come...
  12. itsYANO

    Drive with your fast?

    if so how did you mount your fast/where did you mount it?
  13. itsYANO

    what are the red cars?

    what are those red cars that fill up under your name when you post?
  14. itsYANO


    What websites and stores do you buy your parts/mods for your mkv from?
  15. itsYANO

    San Diego Auto Show!! Pics.. UPDATED

    Okay so i hit up the auto show.. Here is a bunch of fucking pictures.. Oh and a funny story.. there was a saleen s7 twin turbo behind the ropes.. and as we were leaving my friend bet my other friend 20 bucks he wouldnt just get in the car and sit in it.. so he says aight.. walks up gives the...
  16. itsYANO

    Intake.. worse MPG?

    Hey sooo maybe its just in my head.. but it really seems like since ive installed my pflo.. ive been getting about 2mpg worse than usual.. anyone else experience this? i only have a pflo and its my only mod.. or maybe im driving too hard all day.. tomorrow i will drive it easy all day and see...
  17. itsYANO

    San Diego Auto Show Today..

    DONT TOUCH THAT DIAL KIDS.. im heading to the car show in a couple of hours.. i will be taking photo's.. new :bow: LFA(i think) and GTR :drool: will be there soo i will try and load them all up when i get back.
  18. itsYANO

    Stage 2 Question..?

    Okay so ive been wondering.. i have heard about the whole GIAC-X file thing.. and i heard its optimized for the AWE TBE now i know that you can run the same file without it.. and if you do run it without doing so its basically like running stg 1 software.. now my question is if you have stg 2...
  19. itsYANO

    vs 07 SI (CAI)

    yoo so this is my first post in this section.. anyways installed my new pflo today and its my only mod.. my buddy who helped has an 07 Civic Si with injen CAI.. he wanted to see what i had so anyways.. we got a few good runs in.. 1st run from 40mph.. both hit it about same time.. exactly the...
  20. itsYANO

    Just installed Pflo.. question

    Yo so i just installed my new pflo today.. just got a few questions.. did you guys notice that the slight tapping coming from the engine seemed to get louder? i dont know maybe im just being paranoid or maybe its cuz the engine cover is now off.. all things said its been running fine i...