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  1. XM_Rocks

    Found my GTI replacement, introducing my 997.2 C2

    Earlier this year I decided to add an NC Miata PRHT to the stable Was going to split time between that and the GTI. The Miata ended up being too one dimensional, I just didn’t enjoy driving it more than 30 mins away due to the road noise and edgy highway manners. It was a hoot around town...
  2. XM_Rocks

    Just bought a toy to compliment the GTI, NC Miata PRHT

    2007 Miata Grand Touring PRHT 6MT with Premim and Suspension Pkg (for LSD). 64k miles, one owner, 29 CarFax Maintenance records from the local Mazda dealer. Plans include: Coilovers, wider wheels, sticker tires, 2.5 Swap with some type of FI, full exhaust and Vitaloni Mirrors. Shooting for...
  3. XM_Rocks

    2020 Sonata gets some cool tech

    TFL: Top 10 features of the 2020 Sonata Hyundai/Kia is killing it!
  4. XM_Rocks

    Sessions ending federal policy that let legal pot flourish

    Still shocked that it’s still a Schedule 1 Drug, then this from the Federal Govt.
  5. XM_Rocks

    Looking for foreign commercial (I searched)

    I am looking for the commercial with the kid that is being bad... he lifts up the ladies skirt... does other things as well. I was trying to describe it to my girlfriend but it is something you have to see I guess... :laugh: