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    Oh yeah. Owned a Prius in there too....What? Loved the Golden Stickers (I've got a long commute) and the 50 plus mpg.
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    My first GTI. Erste=first in German. I've owned 2 Jettas in the past. 1990 wolfsberg edition and a 1994. Went off to Volvos and BMWs after that. Glad to be back. This is my first mod car and I'm loving it.
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    Hi All. I picked up a 2011 candy white 4DR GTI DSG a while back. Been trolling the forum and decided to join the fun. I am a newbie to tuning. So far I've learned a lot. First on the list is stage 1 flash, intake and wheels. I have a 335i that I'm selling and need to come a little closer...