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  1. GIACUser

    FS: GIACuser selling his "roller" big turbo build

    Hi All, Hope everyone is safe and using the time at home to get cars ready for spring track season! 2 years ago I decided to take my K04 2008 setup down at 73,000 miles to do a complete build, including forged motor, refresh the DSG which already had LSD. Wanted around 500whp track car. So the...
  2. GIACUser

    Home Depot impact wrench deal

    I was looking for an inexpensive cordless 3/8in impact wrench on Home Depot website. Found the Rigid 3/8 with battery and charger for 179.00. As I was going down the page there was some small very light text that I would normally pass over but I ran my mouse over it while scrolling and the...
  3. GIACUser

    Thread on Audiworld - selling new RS3 master cylinder for 200 Just thought I would point it out since I paid 400 for mine. I used this type of Master Cylinder when going with the big Brembo 18z brakes front and rear. Using stock Master Cylinder with these...
  4. GIACUser

    Looking for recommendations for SoCal shop - that can R&R motor and repair internal damage

    As the title says I am looking for recommendations. My built motor ate a couple of spark plugs and need a competent shop that can take motor out, open it up and repair it. I am located in the Inland Empire area but ok with traveling 100 miles out. Thanks in advance for any info you can provide.
  5. GIACUser

    FS: Brake Pads F/R for Brembo 18z calipers (Hawk HPS)

    Pads have less than 100 miles on them, 50 miles of it was straight fwy driving. Just pulled them today. Car war originally going to be street driven, but it is going to be track only so no need for the street pads. $195.00 shipped. For both Front and Rear set.
  6. GIACUser

    FS: Hawk Blue 9012 brake pads - for Brembo 18z front calipers

    Selling a set of front brake pads for Brembo 18z calipers New, still in box. These are high-performance track pads, providing strong initial bite with great modulation for sure stops.Medium/High torque compound with low pad and rotor wear. Optimal Temperature Range: 400-1600°F...
  7. GIACUser

    FS: Unused MFactory Coilover system - adjustable and w/camber plate tops

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Hi All, I have a MFactory/YCW coilover system that was installed once but never driven on. So it is in essentially new condition and appearance. This is a very nice set. They are especially nice for folks that want to lower their cars. The front coilover bodies are threaded...
  8. GIACUser

    Eibach clearance sale on R1 and R2 coilovers - huge savings

    I just bought a set of the R1's for my MKV GTI, could not believe the price, just stumbled upon the clearance page. Most online retailers have these up for 2300 for the R1 and about 2850 for the R2. R1 - MSRP is 2441.00 Clearance Price is 1357.00 They also have R2 for sale which are remote...
  9. GIACUser

    My second build on my 08 GTI

    I have owned this car for 10 years. Mods started early and I blame this forum and all of my fellow enthusiasts for the low balance of my bank account. The car graduated from stage 1 to stage 2 to K04 with a number of mods to accommodate the increases in power along the way. I had been driving it...
  10. GIACUser

    FS: My track set - BBS CO with Yoko 058 ADVANS

    SOLD SOLD SOLD PRICE 600.00 plus shipping (coming from Riverside, CA 92506) as of 9/14/2018 - $500.00 - figure 42lbs per wheel when checking on cost for shipping- each wheel would have thick cardboard face double thick with stapping tape - ***sale pending as of 9/19*** WHEELS 4 BBS CO wheels...
  11. GIACUser

    APR Tuned RS3 running in the 9's @144mph in the 1/4

    Very impressive. (Saw this posted on MK6) Details:
  12. GIACUser

    PAYPAL CREDIT going up to 25.49% interest - jeez!!!

    I thought the 19.99 % interest was bad but 25.49% interest is crazy.
  13. GIACUser

    MKV Parts FS

    All parts Sold I have been rebuilding my 08 GTI. It had 74,000 miles on it when I took it down to completely refresh just about everything. I have some original parts taken off that car unless otherwise noted. I also bought a bunch of Forge silicone hose kits which ended up not using and never...
  14. GIACUser

    For Sale: AMF 2 piece 19in staggered set w/tires

    SOLD SOLD 19” staggered 8.5”/9.5” AMF forged 2 piece wheels with tires. Package has a little over 400 miles on them. Wheels are pristine. No curb, no chips, no bends, no cracks! Wife wanted something different than I imagined for her. 5x112 pattern. Tires are Dielente 265/30 and 235/35 (only...
  15. GIACUser

    FS - Forge Silicone Hose kit (blue) - cooling

    This is Kit #FMKC010 in blue 150.00 plus shipping Also have the Heater Hoses in blue 65.00 plus shipping Kits have never been opened. I ordered, then later decided to go red.
  16. GIACUser

    Greddy Profec Electronic Boost Controller

    SOLD SOLD SOLD I purchased this from HYDE16 and have decided not to use it. Have not even unboxed it. Lightly used. Price - 200.00 shipped to lower 48 states Link to Greddy site
  17. GIACUser

    Photobucket workaround

    As you all know Photobucket was for a long time used by many of us to host our photos for the many threads/posts over the years. Photobucket made some changes and all those photos to so many of those great threads were no longer visible. Thanks to admins they discovered a Chrome extension that...
  18. GIACUser

    Autometer Dashlink - anybody using it?

    As part of my rebuild/refresh of the car I want to add gauges but really prefer not to add analog dials all over and all the connections etc. Autometer and others I assume have ODBII modules that will connect via Bluetooth to a number of mainstream phones and pads. In particular I am...
  19. GIACUser

    Heat causes one piece rotor to become two piece

    I sold my R brakes just recently. Had almost brand new (less than 1000 miles) Centric rotors. New owner put on HP+ plus pads I gave him and went to local track AAA Speedway in Fontana CA. I got the story third hand but this is what happened to the rotor after a session. Anybody every see...