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    WTB: OEM Votex Rear Bumper UG

    Like title says, looking to buy a ug votex rear bumper. PayPal ready, located in Virginia. Needs to be in a good shape with preferably no cracks or damage
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    FS: TSI Intercooler Pipping

    Hello! I have up for sale my tsi Intercooler pipping. I have one full set and one passenger side hose. There are no issuse with any what so ever. For the set I would like $50 shipped and for the one I would like $35 shipped. Pics upon request
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    FS: Air Ride Parts

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    Feeler: 2.0 FSI BPY Performance Part Out

    Just testing waters too see who wants what. I'm not 100% set on parting out all of my performance engine work but I am thinking about it. Everything works with zero issues! Maybe 15k miles on everything at most. APR Turboback Exhaust: $700 plus your stock exhaust I will need the stock parts...
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    Golf R Steering Wheel

    Hello everyone! I saw on intsagram that someone put a mk6 r steering wheel into a mkv r32. What all do I need in order to run one without tripping any lights? Thanks in advance!
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    FS: 500gb PS3 bundle

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    FS: OEM Parts

    Like title says oem parts for sale, need gone asap. Buyer pays fees or add 3%. Japanese TDI Rear Valance: $150 picked up OEM Cherry Red Tails: $250 shipped K&N intake FSI: $200 shipped OEM Rear Bumper:$150 picked up OEM Sidemarkers: $35 shipped Eastwood fender finisher: $50 shipped OEM GTI...
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    FS: Autopilotv2 Management

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    Wtb: Votex Rear Bumper

    Like title says, trying to buy a oem votex rear bumper and diffuser. Would like it to be United Grey but will take any color. Has to be in great shape ( no dents or scratches). Cash in hand, I'm on ig a lot. If you know anyone that has one, please let me know on here or on ig @mk__5nnn
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    Euro Cup Holder DIY?

    Couldn't find much of a diy, anyone know of one or any videos that show a step by step walkthrough. Thank you in advance!
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    FS: 2008 Bagged UG GTI

    Hello everyone, after a wonderful 3.5 years of owning my mkv, its time I walk away from it. Ive put a ton of love, money, sweat and bullshit into making it the way it is today. It has 80xxx miles and will go up daily since I daily drive it. It has been in one accident and everything was...
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    I have vag-com.

    I live in hampton and will vag-com for $25 per person, if you need anything shoot me a pm and ill see when im free!
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    WTB: OEM Headlights.

    Like title, i need need headlights. Mine stopped working and i cant afford new ones. Must be in good shape and i DO NOT need bulbs, i have ones already. Please show me what you have or send me a ink of someone selling some, or let me know on instagram. Thanks in advance!
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    FS: Comeplete OEM Grille Set-up

    I have sale a complete oem grille setup. I have the vw badge upper, stock lower and open air fog covers. All tabs are in tact, they do have some wear but nothing major. I'll let it go $130 shipped or $125 picked up. I'd rather have one buyer but I will sell separately. Prices are flexible. Pm...
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    Max camber and rear camber kits.

    Hello, I want to run -5 camber in the rear. I've looked and haven't found what's the max in the rear without a camber kit. And currently I'm running 18x9.5 et 32 with -3 camber in the rear, what is my toe suppose to be at. And what all do I need for a complete rear camber kit. I haven't found...
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    FS: Random OEM Parts

    OEM License plate holder: $30 shipped OEM First Aid Kit: $35 shipped OEM Sidemarkers: $25 shipped OEM Steering Wheel(with airbag): $240 shipped 35 mm conical(cone) seat lug nuts: $35 shipped PM me up for details. All of this stuff is in great shape. Offer away!!! Pictures upon request and...
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    Clock Spring Removal.

    Delete. Got it.
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    Shaved trunk DIY??

    Has anyone seen one or does anyone know how to do it? I've been playing with the idea. If anyone has any info, that'll be awesome. Thanks guys. :thumbsup:
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    Where are my fitment pals?

    So, did a test fit of my new wheels and this is the result. 18x9.5 et 40 all around w/ 5mm spacers up front and using a Falken 912 215/40. Now, the rear, BARELY cleared the strut. Do i need to space it or just camber it out?