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  1. cmdrfire

    Upgrading MFD2 to RNS-510

    Hi all, I'm upgrading my MFD2 DVD version to an RNS-510. I just want to make sure I've got everything I need to get started... some help/advice would be appreciated! 1) I've been informed said to me that as I had factory-fit MFD2 that I do not require the twin-jack FAKRA adaptor: My MFD2 has...
  2. cmdrfire

    Laser Blue Goodness: Playing with a lightwand

    So I cleaned baby today, and had some fun with a lightwand and the exposure settings on my 400D: You can see my S3 intercooler glinting in this one :D Moar
  3. cmdrfire

    DIY - Oil Pressure Gauge sender

    So, I installed the sender for my oil pressure gauge and took pics. A few notes: The oil pressure gauge on the mk5 GTI is more or less useless. You either have pressure, or you don't and the warning light comes on :) this is mostly a cosmetic thing I guess. Looks great though. I'd already run...
  4. cmdrfire

    Ed30 stuff

    Just a little update... when my car was repaired after my accident I put on a red-stitched ed30 handbrake cover. Looked really smart, so I went and got the ed30 DSG shifter from parts4euro ebay store... fitted it last night, I'm quite pleased with the way it's all come out :wink: Flash of...
  5. cmdrfire

    Mid-Life Updates

    (Note to Mods: Wasn't sure where to put this. It has some semi-DIY elements, as well as interior and exterior technical stuff... in the end, because there are a lot of pictures, I put it in here. Feel free to move :biggrin: ) As I approached my 60,000 mile marker (and end of warranty) and to...
  6. cmdrfire

    FS: MFD2 CD version w/ Antenna

    Hey guys, I'm looking to sell my MFD2 CD version. It will come with an aftermarket GPS antenna, as well as the code-card required to activate it. The MFD2 is in great condition and has been looked after obsessively by me, with no defects or blown pixels. OMG you can see where I live! :biggrin...
  7. cmdrfire

    Battery out problems?

    I took my battery out on Sunday so I could install my boost gauge and ever since I put it all back together I've had some serious issues. Symptoms are thus: Car is not boosting much at all (I'm on stock map right now for safety, but it wasn't much better with my normal remap on) - gauge is...
  8. cmdrfire

    Carbon Fiber Laquer polishing

    Sooo.... what should you use to polish carbon fiber laquer? I've started using a glass/windscreen polish as that seems to work best and really gets out a nice shine, but if anyone's got anything better, please tell.
  9. cmdrfire

    Straw Poll: Forge TWINtercooler

  10. cmdrfire

    More Laser Blue pics

    So I did some detailing on my car today, and went out a little while ago and grabbed some pics... will maybe get some daylight ones tomorrow or day after. Nice and atmospheric in the cabin... My Carbonio CAI... and something is being done about the horrible engine cover, trust me...
  11. cmdrfire

    What sort of TPMS does the GTI have...

    Alright, had a quick lookabout to see if I could figure this out... and ETKA is less than helpful so at this point any help would be appreciated. What sort of TPMS does the GTI have? Is it the ABS sensor type or is it the actual valve-in-the-tyre type? I have heard both, which is puzzling :iono...
  12. cmdrfire

    WTB Mk5 GTI car bra, can someone help me ship to the UK?

    Hey guys, I want to buy the mk5 GTI car bra (part# ZVW-193-042) but the US dealers I've spoken to on the phone have been less than helpful insofar as selling it to me... So... Can someone, preferably on the East Coast to help cut down on shipping, be able to get this part and send it to me? The...
  13. cmdrfire

    Baby got a new toy today...

    Look what arrived in the mail... :biggrin: So I get to work with some help from my little assistant. Installation was pretty simple, except some of the clips that held the air pipe onto my car were different than the ones in the instruction manual and taking them off was a major pain. Guess...
  14. cmdrfire

    Time to show some respect to Alf!

    Anytime there's a thread with anything worth noting, laughing, or ignoring... there's one man who's always there... Always. It is time to show our respect to... ALF! (make sure your speakers are on, mmkay?) Yeah, yeah, I need more sleep.
  15. cmdrfire

    Hey, our brakes our ATES... and some advice please?

    I had my wheels off yesterday (as one does) and was closely inspecting my front brake calipers... and hey-ho, what do I see under the VW symbol and Audi's rings? A little imprinted ATES logo! So that guy who stuck a Brembo sticker on his brakes (I forget who, sorry!), you should take that off...
  16. cmdrfire


    Didn't see this posted yet on this forum... so... Mostly a few cosmetic changes, bumpers, 30th Anni badge, as well as a remap to 230bhp. I particularly like the cloth-leather mix seats and don't think that the black 18 Detroits look too bad either. Autocar story...
  17. cmdrfire

    Stiffened but not lowered

    Need some help guys... I want to get my suspension stiffened slightly (not jaw-shatteringly so, but just a bit tighter) but without dropping the car much if at all. I've been looking at the Eibach Pro-Kit springs since they'd seem to fulfil my purpose, but I'm not sure... Any advice?
  18. cmdrfire

    Official Blue GTI pics

    Given that there's no "Official Laser Blue GTI" pics section... :mad: Here's a few of my car (wallpaperised). Click for fullsize. Image sizes are 1280x960 for the first 4 and 768x1024 for the last one. Let me know what you think...