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  1. Pugs51

    Parts for Sale

    PRIVATE MESSAGE ME if you are interested. Definitely can not ship the red strip because it is too fragile. Emblem needs to be painted.
  2. Pugs51

    Parts for Sale

    PRIVATE MESSAGE ME if you are interested. Definitely unable to ship the grill red strip because it is too fragile. Emblem needs to be painted.
  3. Pugs51

    Timing Chain + Tensioner LAWSUIT! *READ*

    So I’m not sure if you guys have heard about this yet. But I just got a letter in the mail stating that a lawsuit is about to or is going to pass. The lawsuit consists of having to repair the timing chain + tensioner. According to the letter anyone who got the repair done to their car (depending...
  4. Pugs51

    Indecision on a catback

    Hey guys, I am going in to change my faulty timing chain tensioner, chains, guides, and rails. While I'm there I'm getting a dog bone mount installed and I cannot decide if I want to add a catback to my catless DP. I think my car sounds good when I get on it now but only when I get on it. I kind...
  5. Pugs51

    FS: Preimum 7 Silver Buttons w/ Sat Radio

    Just removed it out of my 2009 GTI because I upgraded head units. It's in very good condition... PM me with offers + shipping. Payment via Paypal or Venmo please.
  6. Pugs51

    Upgrading my headunit

    Hey guys, I'm finally interested in upgrading my stock Premium 7 head unit in my 09. I'm mainly looking for something Double Din under $300 so it doesn't need GPS. I would like my SAT radio to work since I'm paying a yearly subscription for it. Touch screen would be nice and something maybe VW...
  7. Pugs51

    Car broke down...

    Driving to Best Buy on the highway today I got about 15 minutes into my drive and my car starter to sputter when I was merging. I was going 60 in a 55 in the right lane the whole time. Driving normal. Not stepping on it at all at any point. All of a sudden. Huge clouds of white smoke started...
  8. Pugs51

    New Jersey Inspections???

    Anyone know of a dealer or private shop with an inspection license that will pass my car with a catless downpipe? The place I went to two years ago doesn't have their license anymore. NJ allows only 1 "not-ready" code to pass. How many "not-ready" codes will catless DP and stage 2 tune throw at...
  9. Pugs51

    Bulb Out Warning Light??

    A few days ago my area was hit hard with a big storm on my drive home. I drove through some puddles but nothing too crazy. Half way home a bulb out warning light came on. The next day I check every light on my car and they all work. It's been about 4 days now and it won't go away. I hooked it up...
  10. Pugs51

    Brake Screaching Noise (Video)

    Driving home from WaWa I noticed this noise when I got about half way home. I didn't hit any pop holes or anything that could damage my car. It sounds like the brake cylinder is locked up but I'm not sure. The reason why I'm bringing this up with you guys is because my dealership will charge...
  11. Pugs51

    Extreme Backfiring

    I've been noticing a TON of backfiring when I get on it. I was just out and got on it to see if my boost peak was better from replacing my stock DV for a rev D today due to an oil leak. While I was getting on it of course a ton of backfiring is happening, my CEL light is flashing at me...
  12. Pugs51

    Aux input

    So, I disconnected my battery to attempt to reset my airbag fault light which didn't work. I go to try and use my aux input that I installed few years ago, it did not work. It was working the day before. I remember when I first installed it there was a sequence of buttons I pressed on the head...
  13. Pugs51

    FS: Forge Spacer *Less than 1k Miles*

    Practically new Forge spacer with less than 1k miles on it. Taken off last year and has been just hanging out in my drawer. $50 shipped.
  14. Pugs51

    Anyone have Vagcom?

    Hey guys, so I was adjusting my boost gauge needle and in order to reach the back of the gauge I had to unplug the passagner airbag. Now the airbag light will not turn off and the dealership wants to charge me $110 for a reset. If you have Vagcom in NJ let me know! Will tip or pay in beer...
  15. Pugs51

    Low Boost

    Hey guys, so i've been noticing my boost has been peaking at 17 holding 16 with my unitronic stage 2 tune. The power is noticeably down from last year when it was peaking 21-22 holding 20. I got my 40k oil filter change yesterday and my intake manifold replaced last month. What could be wrong...
  16. Pugs51

    P2015 Engine Code

    Hey guys, I was driving home from AC and I looked down and my service light is on. I noticed a weaker start up before I started the drive but I didn't think anything of it. I did a self-diagnostic test and the code came up three times P2015. Googled the code and it said to check the gas cap...
  17. Pugs51

    ECS Tuning Hatch Pop (need help)

    Hey guys, my hatch pop hasn't been "popping" correctly. After a few weeks of using my hatch the passanger side hydraulics unscrews. I'm pretty sure it's the wrong length or something is faulty with it. Here is the side that is attached to my hood. When it's all the way screwed at the side...
  18. Pugs51

    Front end suspension knocking

    Hey guys, i've been noticing a knocking sound from my front end suspension everytime I drive over a bump or any imperfections in the road. I've never hit the curb or anything so my alignment is fine. I noticed it a lot more in the winter. It sounds a little better now that it's getting warmer...
  19. Pugs51

    FS: Stock Cupholder & Headlight Switch

    Selling this cup holder in great condition. It came with my car. Installed a euro cup holder so this is just sitting around. $25 for both. PAYPAL ONLY. (Small crack on the headlight option.) $25 for both. PAYPAL ONLY.
  20. Pugs51

    Need New Tires

    Hey guys. Just have a simple question. My tires are on their last leg. They are practically bald to the point where my car is getting wobbly on the highway. Dealership multi-point inspection rated them as 4/32. I'm looking for exact match to the ones that I have now which are Dunlop 225/40/R18...