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    Blown throwout bearing?

    I have a manual 6-speed '09 GTI with 33,000 miles on it. I noticed today that when I decelerate, whether in gear or neutral, on the clutch or off the clutch, there is a knocking sound coming from under the floor of the drivers side. The closest thing I could think of is a loose throwout bearing...
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    Anyone have black huffs?

    I've been contemplating painting my huffeisens. One idea I had was to leave the inside "holes" the sparkly grey color, and paint the outside of the rims black. I have the duplicolor paint and experience with the process to get it right - its just a matter of whether or not I will like the way it...
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    How the fuck does this happen?

    I pulled into my friends driveway right behind him a few days ago, and he told me that when I'm on the road it looks like my drivers side headlight is a lot brighter than my passenger said headlight. So I let him drive up and down the block, and sure enough he was right. The lights are always...
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    Forge DV/BOV's lessen engine life?

    So I've been looking at alot of comments on Forge BOV and DV videos on youtube and lots of kids (who may not be so credible) are saying that BOV's and/or DV's are bad for your turbo and your engine. Or that DV's are better for it than BOV's, and vice versa. I don't have experience with either...
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    Resonator Delete Facts & FAQ

    For those of us such as me who don't have hundreds of dollars to drop on a fancy exhaust, there is the resonator delete modification. There are benefits as well as downsides to this mod, so I'm hoping to consolidate it all into one place. There are other threads with discussions about this...
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    I guess I have a blown transmission?

    Well I was driving last night. My area just got 23' of snow and its mostly plowed except for some streets which have about an inch on the ground - I dont know if that has anything to do with it. But I started my car (09 TSI - 6 speed. Completely stock except for a resonator delete and intake)...
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    Paint line help

    So I had a scuff on my bumper (the metal, right below the taillight). I bought some aerosol cans of paint - exact same color code as my black magic. The touch up is all done - paint is an almost perfect match. Pearly and all. Here's the problem. There are raised lines where the tape was that I...
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    Best upgrade on a budget?

    So I've been debating for a few weeks and I'm not too certain. I have about $250 to spend, and I don't know what to use it on. In your opinion, whats the best engine/exhaust upgrade for around $250? :iono: I know its not much - our cars are expensive to work on. But even something small. Let me...
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    NEW Resonator Delete Facts & FAQ

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    Retarded body shop painter

    So I got a scuff on my bumper - the painted part, not the lower plastic. It was about a 4 x 2 inch area that I tried to fix myself. I ended up covering the scuff, but dulled the finish (below the clearcoat) because I wet sanded too much. Touch up pen wouldn't cover the area and would look like...
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    Is this the biggest load of bullshit?

    So I was bored, and found this: Is it a scam, or is there true "science" behind it? Looks like more restriction than flow to me.