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  • Since I didn't know what I was doing, it took 3 hours. If you can get access to pneumatic tools I strongly recommend using these, the brake caliber bolts can be really hard to take out otherwise.

    So basically you need to take out:
    - tire
    - brake caliber bolts (don't detach the hoses, just hang it from somewhere)
    - the little torx screw that holds the brake disc in place
    - axle dust cap
    - axle bolt

    The replacement kit that I got had a new axle bolt in it and since it is a stretch bolt, it needs to be replaced once removed. The Haynes manual had all the torque settings for the bolts that I needed. The brake caliber bolts are on the backside, so you need to secure the car on jack stands in order to get safely under it.

    Remember to clean up and grease the backside of the brake disc before reattaching it, you might get crazy vibrations if there is some crap distributed unevenly between it and the bearing.
    yo whats up man. I noticed that you had to replace your passenger rear wheel bearing. Can you tell how long it took you to replace it, and how hard was it to do cause i need to replace mine and its in the same spot as yours was.
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