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    Here's how much fuel my car has used in ~22 months of ownership. I don't drive much and I'm over 40 so I don't drive ridiculously fast anymore either. 526.48 Gallons 11367 Miles 21.59 MPG High 26.44 9/29/08 Low 18.28 8/09/08
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    VAD Mobile and R32

    Well, I finally sprung for an ECU diagnostic tool. I own 2 VWs and instead of the next mod for my daily I decided to purchase a diagnostic tool that could be used with both of my cars. However, I've never been a big laptop person. And the idea of using a PDA to do the same thing was...
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    Here's "ESP Off"

    From "The Car Lounge"
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    MT News on new VWs...Beetle/GTI Here's the piece on the new GTI. Nothing earth shattering.
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    My 2 VR6s

    2000 GTI VR6/12v 2008 R32 VR6/24v
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    DSG Ad

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    New Wheels for the GTI...Opinions?

    Well I just had an Autotech suspension put on my GTI VR6. It really handles great and its been dropped over an inch. But the tires are shot, so I'm going to order new wheels and tires. Instead of going up in price to 17", I'm going for less weight and max handling. So I'm going to stick...
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    Here's another BMW getting stomped by a MkIV R32.
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    MKV R32 vs Acurat TL and BMW 330ci

    Pulled up next to 2nd Gen TL (not a Type S) with two guys. It had been lowered, but that's about it. His car made a lot of noise but I had him by 3 or 4 car lengths at 60mph. Headed home later, I had been messin w/ a new BMW 650i through traffic on the Parkway, but wasn't going crazy since...