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    DinanTronics Sport vs Stage 1 tune

    Why is there such a big discrepancy in HP/TQ between the two?
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    Weird engine stalling problem

    06 GTi, 55K, 6-speed manual, stock ecu, cold air intake, high pressure fuel pump working fine, no damage on the camshaft lobe, fresh follower 1st incident: driving on the freeway in heavy traffic, outside temp. around 80-90F, AC compressor not working, when stopped for traffic the engine dies...
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    DSG service

    How many miles have people gone without doing the dsg (fluid and filter) service?
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    Painted rotors vs Geomet (rust resistance)

    Anybody got experience with both types.
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    Anybody running 205/60R16 winter tires?

    I was shopping for some 205/55R16 winter tires and noticed that 205/60R16 are at least $10 cheaper per tire. I know the 60s will be more narrow but I plan on mounting them on 6.5 wide wheels and narrow it theory will have less resistance going through snow. To me the 205/60 seem like a better...
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    WTB: (1) 16x6.5 ET50 OEM wheel

    The wheel must be in good condition, straight, and with no tire on it. Thank You I forgot to make this clear. I'm looking for a steel wheel.