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  • I swapped out the density line dogbone hockey puck for a new VW one and a BSH insert. This got rid of the awful vibration, but made for less traction in first gear.

    Now I have also installed the density line/INA engine side mount. (On the top left side of the engine.) This mount added VERY little noise vibration but restored most of the traction in 1st gear. Its still not as aggressive as the hockey pucks - they were excellent for traction, but the tradeoff is vibration - but it is definitely better than with the stock side mount.

    Next I have a BFI trans mount insert to install. (On the right side of the engine bay, under the battery.) This should also stiffen things up slightly without too much increased vibration.

    After all this it definitely seems like the hockey puck is a weak link in the stock design BUT it also has a huge impact on vibration. The tradeoff is obvious. The side mounts on the other hand seem like they can be upgraded (mildly) with very little trade-off.
    I just have the INA Density Line dogbone bushing ("hockey puck"). All my other mounts are stock.
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