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    MK5 GTI on the Cheap

    Yeah, I was wondering if it is one of those bushing that you have to tighten with the vehicle on the ground
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    MK5 GTI on the Cheap

    Ohhh yes indeed. But I don't understand how it happened, these bushing should resist horizontal forces but they are not designed to support vertical forces anyway, no? Could it be that the position of the dog bone isn't right?
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    MK5 GTI on the Cheap

    What do you mean?
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    Convertible idea?

    The roof is part of the structure, the car won't be rigid enough if you remove it so you would need to reinforce everything else. At this point it's better to buy a convertible directly.
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    MK5 GTI on the Cheap

    I remember reading that you did a string alignment after you replaced your tie rod ends but that it wasn't successful and you had to get it done professionally. How did you proceed? I did replace mines and did a string alignment like this: 1) put steering wheel straight 2) put a fishing...
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    Bumpy ride

    Hey! I have a question, I recently had to replace my front struts mounts/bearing. When doing this job, I bought used OEM springs and shocks as my car is over 200k miles, I figured out it could only be an improvement. The job done, I didn't really feel a difference in handling but the car feels...
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    Clunk sound when doing 8-turns, steering rack?

    A quick update, I had a look today. I could not reproduce that noise while being under the car I tried moving the tie rods with my hands while the rack was fully turned in the position where it makes noise, no play felt. I guess I should have removed the boot of the tie rod and check with a pry...
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    Whining & Grinding during acceleration

    You could try to adjust the linkage between shifter and gearbox, maybe it's a bit off? How is the gear selection, any resistance when warm? You can replace the oil yourself, it's easy to do, however you should get the oil from the dealer because its the only one that will give you smooth...
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    Highest mileage on a FSI?

    Ahah yes seems to be a strange story. If I understand how these cars are tuned, they define the engine load they want according to some variables and the ECU then somehow computes the boost/fuel values by itself, they do not specify these targets directly?
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    Clunk sound when doing 8-turns, steering rack?

    Thanks mate, I will try that. I saw there was a repair kit with new bushings for the steering rack? Where does that came from? I guess I could source a used rack and swap the electronics with mine if its the same generation so I don't have to code it? It's not possible to code with VCDS right...
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    Clunk sound when doing 8-turns, steering rack?

    Hello ! Since I replaced my struts bearings almost all my noises are gone. Car doesn't sound like an old wooden ship anymore, however, I still get one noise when doing 8 with the car (it's a part of the inspection that I have to pass soon). When turning left I don't have any noises but they...
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    Highest mileage on a FSI?

    Why do you want to put a catted DP? Also why replace the turbo if it's not bad?
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    Black smoke when accelerating + high oil consumption (?)

    0.5l/5000 miles seems like very low no? Mine does 0.1-0.2l/1000km (0W-30), small oil leak at the filter housing (only a few drops here and there) and one spark plug was a little wet (cylinder 3) when I replaced them. But the engine/turbo have also 333'000km so...
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    2007 over rev past 500 rpms

    Oh my bad, I assumed it was a GTI :(