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    Poor handling/steering wheel feels too soft after alignment

    I had the same issue after my home made alignment. Turns out I had too much toe-in. After doing a real alignment the steering is perfect
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    2007 TFSI Idling Roughly, and Revving On Its Own

    Could be PCV or a vacuum leak, did you replace it with a genuine one?
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    Need help solving clunk noise!

    I had the same problem, only on the opposite side. I would first make sure everything is healthy in the suspension/direction (no play in tie rods ends for exemple). If there is no problems there, the most obvious things are either that the subframe bolts got a bit loose or you have play in...
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    DSG DQ200 dry

    Regarding your first point, can you explain what are the benefits of what you do? I would say there is no point on putting the gearbox in neutral when coasting since in D it's slowing the car down but also don't use fuel which it does in N. Also you will wear you brake pads quicker since the...
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    How are your motors holding up to high mileage?

    Now that's impressing 😳 You mean the cam chain tensioner or the timing belt tensioner failed?
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    Problem with my GTI 2007

    I think you should not disconnect the battery with the car running 😅
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    How are your motors holding up to high mileage?

    210k miles, stock, running well and longlife serviced it's whole life (20k intervals), except the last 25k since I own it (10k intervals with LL oil). Burns around 1 quart of oil every 5k in 5W-30.
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    How to increase Vacuum during idle, trying to eliminate white exhaust smoke.

    Smoke has nothing to do with vacuum, either you have a failed head gasket and more vacuum would make it worse (-22 is actually less than -24) or the smoke is normal and due to the downpipe and the lack of catalytic converter. Turbo seals would produce black smoke under strong acceleration I think.
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    RCN210 No CANBUS Adapter?

    I have the RCN210 as well. The need for the adapter is most likely to plug it into the climate confort CANBUS as it was on mine. The radio needs some CANBUS data to work properly, for exemple Bluetooth with only work if you have the key in the ignition, so it will not work without it, you also...
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    New Ceramic Cam Follower...who's game enough?

    Seems cool. I just see some other things, if it's as durable as they say, why make it thicker? Second point, if it does wear down, what about the ceramic particles now circulating in the engine oil? But seems cool anyway, they seem to have done quite a bit of research
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    ESP overreacting

    Sorry for the delay, I did not have the time to check the time yet. Thanks both for your answers. @ROH ECHT no, no codes unfortunately. I am relatively confident that the alignment is good as the car handles well and also the problem was there with my home made alignment as well. Also...
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    ESP overreacting

    Hey! I recently replaced my tie rod ends along with the shocks and springs. I initially made an alignment myself and was satisfied with it but once in a tight curve at about 40-50 km/h the ESP went on and began braking on the exterior front wheel. The car was not sliding at all, disabling the...
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    VW GTI 2009 Car Won't start

    The fuses and starter relay to begin with?
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    Golf mk5 slave cylinder

    Which slave cylinder? The clutch or the brake? On the 6 speed manual, the clutch slave cylinder is internal to the gearbox. You can see the connection to it on your picture, in front of the gear linkage You cannot replace it without removing the gearbox from the car. Are you sure it's bad and...
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    Odd indicator on MFD

    It's not tire pressure, it's the brake pad indicator (they are worn)