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    Is Russia safe for Asians?

    I'm planning my Fall Trip to Europe. I had for months got excited to go to St. Petersburg, Russia in October as prices are pretty damm low in fall. However, I ran into a Hulu video " From Russia with Hate" that showed skinheads killing and beating up Asians and blacks. And than after that I read...
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    the Battery life of Tablets

    What do you go when the battery dies in these xoom, ipads, galaxy 10.1 etc? I havent seen much on how much it would cost to replace the battery in these big tablets. I assume battery life is 2-3 years with regular daily use. I am now leaning heavily towards the Toshiba Thrive because its has a...
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    Vera Zvonareva's backhand

    you guys ever watch Vera Zvonareva play tennis? I swear that backhand is like watching Ken Griffey Jr's Swing, its an art form. and on the men's side the sweetest swing is still the Federer backhand and forehand, its a tie.
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    Question about 3G usage on Tablets, iphone

    I recently picked up a Samsung Galaxy Tablet with 3G service. I reached 1GB in 2 days! This is just from listening to streaming videos at work. Now when I had my iphone 3G I never even reached 2GB in one month while doing the same thing, listening to streaming music via youtube. My question...
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    Mazda3s vs Golf

    Both are automatics 2011 Mazda3 S hatch with the 2.5 motor or 2011 Golf 4 door. Looking for FUN, secondary is the useful features of a hatch and 3rd is reliablity as both have great records in CR.
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    Kaliningrad, Russia anyone?

    Anyone ever been there? What the heck kind of place is it? Properous or not? Got a friend who lives there and they probably speak better of the place they live in than reality.
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    Mainteance seattle area?

    In the Seattle area, who and where is the best independent garage for the Golf,GTI. I was at Campbell's VW in Shoreline. The prices are high for VW service, I drive a Honda Accord and prices are resaonble but for a VW man, they want too much for doing the same thing as any car out there.
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    Primacy MXV4 on the GtI

    Anyone run Michelin Primacy MXV4 tires. I just added them to my Accord and I feel like I got a new car in a way, I no longer complain about road noise or heavy steering. It really is a luxury tire without question. Prior to the MXV4 I ran Pilot Sport A/S and hated it, gripped so much my steering...
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    3d movies do they make you go to sleep?

    I have seen 2 3d movies in my life. That Owl movie and Megamind, both time walked out cause well, I fall asleep. The theatre is dark and than you wear sunglasses and its lights out.
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    Can you lease a GTI for one year only?

    I dont have the funds to buy a 2011 GTI, has anyone heard of a dealer doing a one year lease on a GTI. One year will get this GTI bug out of my system. I have a 06 Accord with 94k dont have the heart to part with her and no money for 2 cars. I have the V6 manual and it hauls ass but corners...
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    I dream daily of going back to Hong Kong and having 3-4 mistreses and living on Hong Kong Island in a 3k square feet condo with maids. I'm 41 and having my mid life crisis.. :wink:
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    Millionaire Matchmaker

    Who else is a fan of Millionaire Matchmaker? I dont miss it too often, that lady Patty is as real and hardcore as anyone on TV. How a millionaire needs to be set up is beyond me. In this dog eat dog world, you would think it would be too easy to find love as a millionaire.
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    If you GF

    hates going to 1 casinos-ghetto feel 2 Chinatown for meals cause its too dirty/has bums Would you consider her high maintenance? These are casinos in Vancouver BC often rated as the world's # 1 livable city. They have very very upscale casinos in Vancouver, its no dive, this is not some...
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    win every hand in Bacarrat?

    Is there a way you can play banker and player same time and squeeze some money out of it each time? A small %.
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    What Chinese God is this?

    I bought this a year ago and no clue what or who it is?