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    FS: Limited Edition Xbox, PS3 controllers and PlayTVs

    hey guys and girls. i've come into possession of some game console goodness and want to get rid of some surplus stock before christmas. please find what i have below. all stock is brand new, and sealed in boxes. in most cases, they still have prices on them. i've attached links for both eb...
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    FS: MKV Golf GTi Front Grill Kit (VIC)

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    FS: Custom Built 15" Mac Book Pro + Extra Goodies!

    FS: Custom Built 15" Mac Book Pro + Extra Goodies! PRICE DROP hey guys and girls, my girlfriend has decided to sell her custom built 15" Mac Book Pro as she no longer has sure for it. Was originally purchased for graphic design work for her fashion design course, turns out almost 90% of their...
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    FS: APR Cat Back Exhaust - Suit MK5 GTi

    Hey guys and girls, Up for sale is my APR cat-back exhaust. It's a great sounding little unit, plenty of rumble and is a great upgrade for those wanting a sportier note or those who are going for stage 2+. When I first got this system on the car, I loved the fact that you could comfortably...
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    VAGCOM canbus coding in melbourne (help)

    hey guys, currently in the process of retrofitting an rcd-510. i have all the neccessary hardware to complete the install, i just need someone who knows what they're doing to reprogram my canbus? will be hooking up an mdi in the retrofit as well. willing to pay cash or beer? haha
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    Looking for R32 Side Skirt Part Numbers + Votex Body Kit

    mods, please delete, i found what i was looking for!
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    GROUP BUY: ECS Tuning VW MKV Golf GTI Open Fog Grills

    OEM OPEN FOG GRILLE GROUP BUY HAS CLOSED. Order being placed today (20/09/2011) with Australian supplier. Interested Parties 1. V-VWMK-5 (melb - oem) - CONFIRMED + PAID 2. jsof (melb - oem) - CONFIRMED + PAID 3. 55ASI_GTI-GOLF (qld - oem) - CONFIRMED + PAID 4. TKO (melb - oem) - CONFIRMED...
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    FS: Uniden + Oricom UHF Radios

    hey guys and girls... i have the following UHF radios for sale! Item 1: For sale: Uniden UH036 twin pack Item Condition: Used, only been use a hand full of times, great for car cruises! or even work? they've only ever lived in the glovebox? so essentially they're in pretty good condition...
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    EOI GROUP BUY: Autoleads PC7-1002 VW iPod & AUX Adapter

    hey guys and girls, just thought i would see if anyone else was interested in picking up one of these units? BRAND NEW IN BOX NEW AUTOLEADS PC7-1002 CAR IPOD & AUX IN ADAPTOR OEM iPod adaptor & 3.5mm auxilary MP3 input to fit the following vehicles : VOLKSWAGEN - GOLF MK5 2003 onwards...
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    OSIR Air Con Gauge O-Pod Install? Whos done it?

    hey guys, i'm looking at doing this mod to my gti, just wondering if anyone here has done the same thing? is there a write up on it? thanks! Uploaded with
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    MkV 3 Door Gti Rear Lights - HOLDING ALOT OF WATER!

    hey peeps... just thought i'd share whats happened to my gti down here in australia! recently we've had some hardcore storms and overall shit weather as it does here in melbourne. but over the past 2/3 weeks my rear light has been collecting water like no tomorrow! when the hot sun hits it, it...
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    CAI selection for '07 Gti...

    hey guys and girls, new to the forum and trying to make a decision what cai/filter setup i should go for? i have a mkv golf gti, so i'm wondering if you could shed some knowledge on this area for? what brands are out there, pros and cons? i'm not a noob to the tuning scene, i'm well aware of...