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    FS: ECS Dogbone Insert - Black

    Buy this awesome brand new Dogbone insert from ECS. If you have an 06-08 2.0T, then you can't pass this up. Men will want to be you, women will want to be with you. I promise. $25 shipped to you.
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    Ault Park (Cincinnati) Concours Pictures

    One of my Dad's cars was picked to participate in The Ault Park Concours, so I went with him and shot a bunch of pictures. Probably the best show I've ever been to as far as rare/interesting/pricey content. My Dad's car The first 'Airbox' Corvette And some very amazing new and classic...
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    Who the hell is that??

    It's just Chuck Testa.... LJP1DphOWPs
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    Happy Sweetest Day!!

    Whatever, another made up 'holiday'. :rolleyes:
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    FS: Two Pairs of H&R Wheel Spacers - 8mm & 5mm

    SOLD SOLD SOLD: Two Pairs of H&R Wheel Spacers - 8mm & 5mm SOLD SOLD SOLD Up for sale are two pairs of H&R wheel spacers that I purchased new. One pair are 8mm and the other pair are 5mm. These are hub centric and fit 5X112 (also 5X100). These are in great condition other than some...
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    WTB: Bike Carrier for a Votex Roof Rack

    Yup. What do you have? Cash ready. :thumbsup:
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    FS: Votex Cargo Basket

    SOLD!!!: Votex Cargo Basket SOLD!!! I'm selling my used Votex cargo basket. It's in great shape, showing minimal wear. Part # 191 071 130 F $110 Shipped
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    FS: Men's Tissot Chronograph Watch

    For sale is my Tissot PRS 516 Chronograph watch. This watch has a stainless steel case, sapphire crystal, and leather band with stainless steel clasp. This watch is in AS NEW condition. The case, crystal, crown, and band are perfect. The only signs of wear are a slight discoloration to the...
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    The Dumbest Thing You've Ever Done To Injure Yourself While Wrenching

    I can't decide, so I'll give cliffs on a couple... -Lowered the jack down on accident while holding a rear spring on my MKI, nearly pinching my index finger off. -I was torquing down the axle bolts on my MKV with a long torque wrench, the wrench slipped off, and I landed face down on the...
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    FS: Brand New Cam Follower - 06D 109 309 C - $40 Shipped

    I have a brand new cam follower for sale. VW part #06D 109 309 C $40 shipped
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    O.E.M. +/- (Nothing to see here.)

    And one of the Cabriolet for good measure...
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    FS: Brand New Mintex Red Box Front Brake Pads

    For Sale - I have a brand new set of front Mintex Red Box brake pads for the MKV GTI/Rabbit. I opened the box to take the pics. These retail for $59.95 + shipping at NGP *PRICE DROP* $45 SHIPPED