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    FOR SALE : Witson Sat Nav Head Unit to suit MkV

    Hey guys, I have a Witson head unit pulled from my MkV GTI. Has worked faithfully and never missed a beat. Potentially a one of a kind, I modded the graphics (there is a thread if you look me up) with a GTI FAST theme I created and shared in the thread. Screenshots at bottom (think this was an...
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    Is black on black ok?

    I'm thinking about the spec of my MkVI, about to place order. Currently in a MkV Silver and thinking of going black this time. Super keen to stay with the leather as the heated seats have been addictive but concerned the black on black may be too much. Opinions, esp. those with a Black/Black...
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    a/c buzz

    I've noticed that there is a buzz or a hum whenever the a/c is running (sounds like a poor earth effect). I do have an after market china nav unit so wondered if it was an earthing problem relating to stereo but it still happens when the stereo is off which for mine rules that out (or does it?)...
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    Mounting Euro plates to the OEM Euro thingo

    Just wondering if I am missing the bleedin obvious on how you attach a Euro plate to the OEM euro plateholder that came on the 06 model. Other than drilling holes in the plate and self tappers into the plastic can't see how it can work. I tried double sided tape but because there is some...
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    Thoughts on these options for tuning?

    Looks pretty sound, is this the chip option most people have been going for?
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    Can someone explain power outputs for a layman?

    I'm conused...according to VW stats the GTI is 147kw, but in a lot of the threads it seems stock (pre-chipping) it is really around 120kw. Is this right or I have I just misunderstood all the technobabble? :iono:
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    What's under your hood? Not what's in the brochure...

    Hey I just noticed that my engine bay looks nothing like whats in the photos on the website or in the brochure. They have some beautiful looking carbon fibre details as shown in photo below. Mine is just all black plastic. Was this an 05 to 06 change or was I duped? :iono: And if it was a...
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    Euro plates?

    Has anyone found a custom manufacturer of euro plates that can be badged for any state or are we only limited to what is offered by the relevant motor vehicle offices in your state?
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    Colour coded bumpers?

    Anyone done it or anyone seen pics of it? What do ya reckon :iono:
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    Has anyone gone through the process of researching the best option for integrating a bluetooth handsfree into the GTI. Is the control on the steering wheel with the phone icon, for future integration? I had a motorola bluetooth in my last car which worked well...any suggestions?
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    Anyone sailing on the Don Juan?

    It's due to hit our fair shores Tuesday in Fremantle, anyone else have GTIs on this ship? Has to be a form of torture up there with anything used in the military for it to finally get to Australia and you still have to wait another 4 weeks or so before delivery. :eyebulge:
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    Average time from build to driving?

    I'm one very happy camper, just found out the build date is a couple of weeks away. Just wondering for those of you who knew your build date how many weeks it took to get to Australia and have keys in your hands?