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    The end of all privacy...

    I don't have a problem with this being used at places with legal security checkpoints, but to aim it into our homes or vehicles is Bullshit & where is the independant scientific evidence that this laser is 100% safe to be used on humans?
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    Would you have sex with your hot step sister?

    You do make very valid points regarding my pov & I appreciate your sensitivity - Thanks :) Being 43, my school of thought is to try to instill a sense of decency where I see it lacking (our younger testosterone laced youth) but I'm not so old that I cannot see where they are coming from - I was...
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    Would you have sex with your hot step sister?

    ^ok so her neck & chin aren't fat ... But looking at that pic that's the only part that hasn't been introduced to chicken mcnuggets yet!
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    Would you have sex with your hot step sister?

    You missed the point ... I didn't give you details so you are still assuming that your experiences apply to me & my loved ones - they don't. I understand most of this is to get a laugh (from my pov that is poor taste) I also understand these "scenarios" are unlikely (the Jessica Simpson one...
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    So a cop flipped me off today

    Was Mclovin riding shotgun? I can't believe it's page 3 and this hasn't been made fun of yet.... Lolz
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    Would you have sex with your hot step sister?

    I don't feel attacked, I just happen to be very close to someone who suffered through forced incest/rape & if you knew the details you would feel inhuman for even jesting (luckily there are people here who will never have to know truly what I'm talking about) As for Jessica Simpson ... She's fat!
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    Would you have sex with your hot step sister?

    This & Further.... My parents raised me to understand right from wrong - (I am Atheist /Agnostic btw ... I do not believe in god or the certainty of all claims of knowledge) I do believe that some things that make us human we should hold onto dearly (like the respect of family) this is one of...
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    Would you have sex with your hot step sister?

    How is that ANY different? Both are digging in the morality dumpster! When someone is married into the family they become a relative and if both parties partake they have exhausted all remnants of being a decent human being. It's a sad fucking world when "proximity" may be the only thing...
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    scirocco hits milestone

    That math doesn't add up??? 200 Veyrons at a loss of 100,000 each = 20 million dollars 10,000 Sciroccos at a loss of 2,000 each would be the same money but only 200 veyrons are sold here, think about 10,000 sciroccos buzzing around our cities? Now as someone suggested - bring just 5,000 here...
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    The all new Focus ST

    Interior fail, exterior fail Good numbers I'll pass
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    Audi R8 taking off on the Garden State Parkway *Video*

    Nothing the APR stage 3 GT28 couldn't handle.
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    Where were you when the World stopped turning? The 9/11 Thread.

    I woke up that morning just in time to see the 2nd plane hit live on TV - it took all of 5 seconds to understand what was happening, I didn't move from my tv for almost a day. I felt how my elders must have felt during pearl harbor or the Kennedy assassination - utter shock & disbelief.
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    Holy Sheet!

    The nice thing about THIS particular video ( had the driver not survived) is that thankfully/mercifully it was a one car accident ( and should have been fatality) IE - some innocent party was spared being a Darwin award winner! The sooner speech to text becomes seamless the better of we all...
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    BSH RSB group buy on MK6 site

    Hey guys - just wanted to throw a heads up that there is a group buy going over to MK6 for the 27mm BSH RSB - only $219... Correction $210 We need 15 guys to sign up in order to get the great rate and we already got 6 or 7 - so those of you who want to grab a great bar at a great price act now...
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    Explain your User Name.

    PHO - as in professional photographer TOE - as in nickname ... I got the TOE part originally from my sister always calling me TOE (short for Tony) but the name stuck in my 20's when a forklift crushed both my big toes and all my friends started calling me that in reference to the accident. I...