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    My Tiguan review

    I just started a blog about cars and cameras, so I decided to do review on the Tiguan. Here ya' go...
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    First drive: Polo

    From motortrend
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    Tiguan R line...

    DO WANT!!!! :thumbsup:
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    Pic request- GTI steering column

    I am trying to see if the GTI's steering column is the same as my Tiguan's. I would like to add a boost gauge with the steering column pod. So maybe if you guys/gals have side on or birds eye view of your steering column that would be great.
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    Wurth silver paint. Will it match. (Tiguan wheels)

    Will this Wurth silver paint match my Tiguans wheels? I curbed my wheel a little bit and would like to touch them up. Or another question could be asked, Does volkswagen use the same color paint on their standard wheels? I have these wheels (Los...
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    Golf VI configurator
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    I did my 1st oil change...

    I burned a little more than 1 qt of oil in 5,000 miles, but I guess thats normal? I paid close to $55 for oil and a filter. Ouch. I do have a couple of questions... #1 This is the DV correct? #2 Is the oil thats coming out of it normal? #3 What the heck is the hole for and what type of gear...
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    VW's new "saloon".

    I like it.
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    No rattles!

    I just wanted to report I have no rattles,squeaks,buzzes,bangs,clatters, clinks, clanks or thumping on my 2009 Tiguan. I just passed 5k miles. I read on here all the time about how GTIs and VWs in general rattle. I figured I post some good Although I did read that a few people had...
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    RugDoctor on cloth seats?

    What do you guys think? Would it be alright if I used the RugDoctor (carpet scrubber) attachment on my cloth seats? I read somewhere not to use a steam cleaner on fabrics but nothing about hot water. (Hot water from the carpet scrubber)
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    Huffs on a Tiguan

    Ok I did a quick photoshop, so its not perfect. The brake calipers are What do you think about huffs on a Tiguan? Should I start looking for used Huffs?lol
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    A couple of the Tig

    I was in a bit of a rush so I only have rear end and my new car... I wish!
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    Tiguan performance. (General Q's, chip)

    I own a new Tiguan and I would love to get it chipped. I know a couple companies are working on chips right now. I have a few general questions about these chips. #1 I read that the chip wears out the PCV and DV. Could someone please tell me what these things do in lemans terms? (I searched and...