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  • Sorry, completely missed your reply.

    Cool. I've never done this either. I've bought winter tires before. But the stocks are good enough for winter (I can work from home when it's bad and prefer to). And if I use different tires in the summer, the stockers should stay good for a few winters. Just didn't make sense to spend the extra $$ but I think with this tune it's really necessary. I think I've seen/read enough to get the PSS. A bit more maybe, but they sound like the shit.
    Hey you bet! They are very highly rated by a few car mags during summer tire tests in the past few years. I'm cheap and actually have never bought summer tires but the power this car has basically demands the sticky tires ha ha! Cooper has been around a very long time and makes good tires. They are not the sexy pic but they are cheaper and still very highly rated.
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